Should You Buy Tesla Wireless Charger? 3 Alternatives Cheaper Than This!

tesla wireless charger

Tesla came up with its latest wireless charging product inspired by their cybertruck. However, many people backed up and changed their decision when they heard about the product’s price. If you are considering buying a Tesla wireless charger, this guide may help you.

The wireless charge trend is starting, and competition is also taking hype. Several companies are coming up with new chargers in the market. In the next 2-3 years, we will see many new technical advancements in the charging industry.

This article is my opinion the decision to buy Tesla’s wireless charger is up to you. However, I have also mentioned other chargers if you want an affordable wireless charger.

The main question is whether you should buy a Tesla wireless charger.

Tesla wireless charger is minimal and comes with a 15W wireless fast charging option, which is an excellent choice for people willing to spend $300. This charger is so expensive due to the availability of magnetic coils all over the charging surface. As a user, you can keep and charge your device at any position. If you are willing to spend $300, this could be among the best charger for you.

Advantages and disadvantages

Every product has merits and demerits you obviously won’t find on their official website and e-commerce platforms. Here is some detailed information that you can take a look at.

Thing I likedThings Not For Me
Charges up to 3 Qi Certified devices or four, maybe if you use small devices.$300 is too expensive for me.
Uses FreePower wireless charging made by Tesla. Just keep the device anywhere, and it will get charged.If you are a single user, than a big no for you too.
Has an Alcantara surface that is moisture and heat-resistant.If you are a single user, then a big no for you too.
Strong build quality.The waterproof rating is only IPX2 which is quite disappointing.
Can be bought if there are more family members.Design and color are limited.
Advantages and disadvantages of Tesla Wireless Charger

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What Are The Best Options Apart From Tesla Wireless Charger?

There are hundreds of options that you can choose to buy. You may buy even two wireless chargers if your budget is between $25-$80. Before you read about the list for buying these chargers, the only disadvantage you get is to keep your device at the specified position for the charger to work.


Anker manufactures one of the best budget-friendly wireless chargers. The best thing is that even its most expensive wireless charger costs under $200. Apart from this, this charger also has better features to offer than Tesla wireless chargers.

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Yootech would be my second option to go for. The range of wireless chargers starts from $10-$15 and goes up to $60. These chargers are budget-friendly and a great option if you are looking for a secondary wireless charger to use while traveling and in other places.

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Apple MagSafe.

MagSafe chargers would be a better option than spending $300 on wireless chargers. Tesla has to reduce its price slightly to compete with other brands. And as the majority of people use iPhones, then using a MagSafe would be preferable to using an expensive charger.

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Should you buy Tesla wireless charger (Final verdict)?

Undoubtedly, Tesla came up with great charging technology that can charge a device anywhere. But personally, I think it’s too quick if you are going to buy this. Unless you have lots of money, this charger can be bought. Apart from this, I think not everyone will like this charger because of its simple and minimal features.

Yes, you can buy this if you are a tech freak and like buying new gadgets.

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