Review:Omron Automatic B.P Monitor|My 4 Years Of Personal Use Experience.

omron bp monitor

I bought Omron’s blood pressure monitor at my friend’s suggestion. I have been using this instrument for four years now. I thought that this device was worth reviewing on this blog. However, I only review products related to chargers and batteries. Still, as this is also an electrical instrument that runs on battery, I thought it would be good to review this product deeply.

Today, high blood pressure(Hypertension) has become a common problem among most of the elders in every family. So it is better to monitor their blood pressure levels once a week or on alternate days.

There are a lot of misconceptions about digital blood pressure monitors. Most people have a lot of doubts in their minds about this device. If you want to clear all your doubts, then make sure to read this review till the end.

Box contents

I bought an Omron blood pressure monitor in 2019 from Amazon. If you want to buy it or check its price, here is the link.

When you open the box, you will get four things:

  • The primary device(blood pressure monitor).
  • Shoulder strap or D-ring cuff.
  • 4 AA Batteries.
  • User manual.
  • Quick start guide.

How this product looks?

The product is simple and easy to use. The color of the main machine is in white, and the cuff is in gray color. It has a rubber pipe that helps the air flow from pump to cuff so that the blood pressure can be detected. Beside that you can easily remove the battery lid and change the batteries.

How to use it?

omron bp monitor air stored data

To use this product, you must follow these methods; it’s also written in the box and user manual, but here are the quick steps you can follow.

  • If you are checking your blood pressure, sit on a chair.
  • Sit in a comfortable position where your hands and heart are similar. You can place your hand on a table too.
  • Now wear the cuff on your left upper arm and plug the tube in machine.
  • Press the start button and wait till the cuff inflates fully, and let the air get release. This process take about 10-15 sectonds. And then, your blood pressure rating will be displayed.
  • To get the most accurate readings, you can take 2-3 readings and take out the average of it.

Battery life.

omron bp monitor battery

Digital blood pressure measurement devices are power-intense devices these can juice out the batteries in few times of uses. I researched about this on the internet and got information that due to presence of a small pump inside the device it requires power to infalte the cuffs.

This machines claimes that we can take up to 300 measurements, but I didn’t get these results. Here are some of the observations I noted when I used various types of batteries on this device. Here is the table of various battery manufacturing brands

Name of AA batteriesTimes used to check the blood pressure.
Panasonic80-90 Times.
Energizer80-95 Times.
Duracell100-115 Times.
Eveready90-95 Times.
ACDelco90-100 Times.

As per my observation, when the pump takes more time to refill the air on the cuffs, it uses more power, and the number of times of usage per battery decreases.


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As I have mentioned above, I purchased this device in 2019, and now this device is available at amazon at $40-$45. You can check the price of this product. However I didn’t know that various models are available on amazon.

Other than that, similar models of this brand is available; you can look by clicking at this link. Many types of blood pressure devices are available online. Some are only used for monitoring blood pressure, and some have various other features, such as detecting pulse rate, hypertension and memory storages.

The more you pay for these blood pressure monitors, and more tech you will get. The highest price of Omron’s top blood pressure monitor is about $710.

What do doctors say?

I have talked with 2-3 doctors about using this product, and they have said that these digital monitors are inaccurate compared to Manual Sphygmomanometer. And I also saw that when I checked my mother’s blood pressure at home, it was showing 140/90; when the doctor checked it, it was showing 130/80.

Digital b.p monitors are 90%-95% accurate, and Manual Sphygmomanometer(blood pressure monitor) are 97%-99% accurate.

However, these devices are getting accurate with technology, and if you ready to spend good amount of money, you can get an accurate blood pressure monitor.

Advantages of these using omron b.p monitor.

  • Easy to use any, one with low technical knowledge can use it.
  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Easily available online or at near any medical store.

Disadvantages of these using omron b.p monitor.

  • Consumes battery a lot.
  • It can’t be repaired, or customer service is not that good.
  • Give inncurate results sometimes.

Is it worth it to buy?

omron bp monitor air hole

My verdict on this would be yes. Not everyone can use manual Sphygmomanometer, so digital monitors are best. However, it gives errors, but if you take multiple reading, you will get to close results.

These devices are lifesavers if you get low or high b.p reading. You can take the proper medication with consulting with the doctor.So as per my opinion you can go to buy this product.

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