Macbook Battery Replacement Cost: Things You Should Know In Detail.

macbook battery cost

Apple Macbooks are considered one of the best and most powerful laptops ever. Macbook new batteries have a maximum count of 1000 cycles. And on average, you may replace the MacBook batteries after 4.3 years to 5.2 years with moderate use, and those who use this device regularly can expect a battery life of 3.5 to a maximum of 4 years.

I know that some people do a lot of research before changing their MacBook and laptop batteries, but many questions need to be answered, and I have covered most of them in this.

Let’s see how much replacing the MacBook batteries with a new one costs.

For a new Macbook Pro, the cost to replace the batteries is $249, and for MacBook Air, the cost is $198. If you have Applecare+ and your battery retains about 80% power capacity, it will be replaced for free.

Let’s see things in more detail to give you a brief idea about this topic.

How much does the new MacBook battery replacement cost?

I have listed all the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air in the below table with their battery prices.

Macbook ModelPrice
Macbook Air 15-Ince Model 2023$198
Macbook Air All Models (2015-2022)$159
Macbook Pro (All models 13, 14, 15, 16 Inch) (2015-2023)$249
Macbook (2016-2017)$249
These prices listed above are accurate and taken from the official Apple website.

How much time will it take to change?

The battery replacement procedure can take about 2-3 hours, depending on the crowd in the Apple store. To make this quick, schedule your visit on working days such as Monday or Wednesday rather than weekdays.

How to check out the price of a battery for your MacBook?

It’s pretty easy to check the expenses and repair prices of MacBook accessories. Just visit the and do the following steps to check the prices according to your country.

Visit the above link choose the “service type“, then “product or accesory” and finally choose your “model” to get the exact estimated price.

macbook battery cost 3

First off all visit the link given above and then scroll to the bottom of the website and you will find your country’s name there.

You can compare the prices with other countries just for the knowledge.

macbook battery cost 2
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