Crackling Sound From The Socket: Why Are Your hearing This?

Crackling Sound From The Socket

Have you observed this closely that sometimes you may have heard a crackling, buzzing, or popping sound from your socket? Most people may have ignored this, but do you know why it happens and its consequences?

A cracking or buzzing sound is mainly caused by loose contact of pins, old sockets, or rust in adapter pins. These are some of the main reasons you may hear the sound. This may lead to a short circuit, fire, or damage to your electric board and device. You can call an electrician to fix the board or change your adapter pins to fix this problem.

Let’s see all these things in detail so that you can avoid this problem much bettery way.

What are the leading causes of the crackling sound?

As per my personal experience, I have heard this sound many times at home, and after doing some research, I learned that this sound is created by electric sparks inside the socket. As the flow of electricity is disturbed, these sounds are generated.

As I have mentioned above, the leading causes of this problem are given below in detail.

  • Loose contacts of pins – This is a common problem as, with time, the sockets get loosened, and the fitting inside can displace from the original position. Their wires also become old and weak; you may hear this buzzing sound.
  • Rust – Rust can build at places where moisture is present mainly. During the rainy season, it is pretty standard that metals can build up rust when exposed to moisture. Sometimes this occurs in electric sockets and adapter pins as well. Due to this, you may hear a crackling or buzzing sound.
  • Overloaded circuit – When the circuit is overloaded, the requirement of current increases due to this, there could affect adapters’ pins and generate unwanted sounds.
  • Faulty wiring – You may have faulty internal wiring. This may be due to work done by a non-experienced guy, or you may have used low-quality wires. Due to this, you may be facing heat generation that irritates the buzzing sound.

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What should you do?

When you hear this buzzing sound from any wires, adapter, or switch, you first should switch off the button and remove the plug. After that, you should call an electrician and ask him to fix the problem.

I talked to an electrician who lives nearby my home. His name is Arun. “He said that whenever this type of sound comes from the socket, it is safe to switch off and plug off all the wires immediately. If you still continue using a device with this buzzing sound, there are chances of short circuit and fire hazards”.

Here are some actions you can take:

  • Unplugged all the adapters from that switchboard.
  • See if a burning smell or smoke is coming or not.
  • Call an electrician.
  • Find the problems.
  • Change the wiring or socket if required.

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