Fastest wireless chargers: Which one is best for you?

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There are many wireless chargers in the market, but as this technology is only a few years old, the technology for fast charging is not evolved much.

Only a few wireless chargers can charge the smartphone or wearable faster. And that too, limits them up to 20W-25W of charging. Comparing them with standard chargers, they can charge smartphones of output up to 120W-150W.

When buying a wireless charger, look for one that can charge your phone faster, and if you don’t have time, do that. Here I have done my research on the fastest wireless chargers that are available on the market.

Which is the fastest wireless charger?

The fastest wireless charger is one plus OnePlus Warp Charge 50 Wireless Charger. But it can only charge OnePlus 9 Pro from 1% to 100% in just 48 minutes. The rest of the smartphones can charge with 15 Watts of output.

There are other wireless chargers in the market, but they are only limited to giving an output of 15 W of charging speed.

To collect the data and information on this post, I went to online stores’ websites, watched several videos, and analyzed the fastest wireless chargers and which one you should buy for your phone.

But before moving towards chargers directly, you should have some basic information about wireless chargers.

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Things make any charger a faster charger.

There are some technical things. By noticing some information, you can consider a charger, whether a fast charger or not. gif maker 21
  • Output voltage and ampere – If a gives an output of 5V,2A, or more, it is considered a fast charger. According to Qualcomm, 5 Volts and 2 Ampere with type C can give up to 36 watts of charging speed with type C cable.
  • Charge technology –You must have heard about Quick, Vooc charger, and Wrap charging technology. Well, these are all the same functions with different names. And every fast charger has these technologies.
  • Qi certified – This is Qualcomm’s certification for batteries operating on electronic devices. This certification is given to those gadgets which are tested in extreme conditions. For complete information, read this article.

List of the fastest charging phones with their charging time.

Smartphone nameCharger outputCharging time(0-100%)Battery capacity
Xiaomi Note12 Pro ExplorerMaximum – 210 W
Real – 184 W
9-10 Minutes Max4300 mAh
iQOO 10 Pro200W13 minutes4700 mAh
One Plus 10 T160W23 Minutes4800 mAh
Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro135W18 Minutes5000 mAh
OnePlus 10R150W17 Minutes4500 mAh
Xiaomi 11T Pro120W21 Minutes5000 mAh
Realme GT Neo 3 150W17 Minutes4500 mAh
iQOO 9 Pro120W20 Minutes4700 mAh
 Xiaomi 12 Pro120 W24 minutes4600 mAh
iQOO 9T120W24 Minutes4700 mAh

List of best fastest wireless chargers.

1. One plus 50W wireless charger. gif maker 17

The fastest charger OnePlus Warp Charge 50W Wireless Charger, has all the features.

But as this fast charger only works with one plus smartphones, this charger is only meant for limited users. However, charging a device wirelessly in just below 50 minutes is impressive.

It charges other smartphones with a power output of EPP(Extended power profile), 15W / BPP (Baseline power profile)5W wireless charging.


  • In silent mode, less noise up to <23dB in the 30cm range.
  • Chargers oneplus nine pros from 1% to 100% in just 43 minutes.
  • No delay in charging places the device, and it starts charging instantly.

2. NANAMI Qi-Certified Wireless gif maker 18

Nunami is the best wireless charger for its affordability if you are ready to spend $20 on a wireless charger. This device is worth having.

You are getting quick charge 2.0 wireless charging at this price point, making your smartphone fast.

A good thing about having this charger is that it almost supports every flagship and mid-range phone. Let’s see some of its features.


  • Has a safe charging protection mode. Automatically stops charging the device once it is complete.
  • Can charge smartphones with a cover if it is less than 5mm thick.
  • Most affordable wireless charger.

3. Samsung 15W fast wireless charger. gif maker 19

Samsung is a brand that needs no introduction. This one is for you if you want to buy a quality product. However, it’s on the pricy side compared to other chargers.

But if you own a Samsung or any other smartphone, it is a one-stop solution.


  • 15W fast charging.
  • Supports all devices that have Qi certification.
  • Fan cooling during charging of devices.

Why are there limited fast wireless chargers in the market?

Wireless chargers work on the principle of induction. The current from the charger passes to the smartphone thru a magnetic field generated by copper coils inside the charger, and when this current is generated, heat is also lost as a form of energy.

The higher the charging speed or wattage of the charger, the higher the chances of devices getting heated up quickly.

That is why most wireless chargers have fans to cool them during the charging process. The concept of wireless charging at the commercial level was started in 2015. And till now technology has become advanced.

The only way to solve this heating issue is by solving the heating issue, which you can see in the air charge technology. Companies like Xiaomi are working on it and made wireless chargers thru which we charge the device at a reasonable distance. This they name air charge technology.

FAQ: Fastest wireless charger

Is there a 25 Watt wireless charger?

Yes, the Oneplus wrap charger can charge the device with 50 watts of output.

Does iPhone support fast wireless charging?

The first device to use wireless charging technology was Apple iPhone 12.

Does the flagship smartphone support wireless charging?

Yes, after 2021, most flagship devices will come with wireless charging support.

Which is the cheapest wireless charging phone?

iPhones SE models are among the cheapest smartphone models with a price range of $500 with an inbuilt wireless charger.

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