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Wired vs wireless mouse

Are you considering buying a new wireless keyboard for your laptop or desktop? This small piece of information can help you make your decision quickly.

A few months ago, I was looking for a new mouse and keyboard for my laptop because I feel more comfortable working with them. The external keyboard type is much faster than the laptop keyboard.

The same thing goes for the mouse. You will need a wired or wireless mouse if you play many games on your PC. Let’s answer the main question: should you buy a wired keyboard and mouse or a wireless one?

A wired keyboard and mouse are better performance-wise. However, a wireless keyboard and mouse give your setup a clean look. Buying a keyboard and mouse for your computer is an individual choice.

Wired keyboard and mouse (Pro and Cons)


  • Reliability: Wired peripherals are generally more reliable since they are not battery-operated, and we don’t change them much often.
  • No latency: Wired connections typically have lower input lag, making them better for gaming, typing, and other tasks that require precision and responsiveness.
  • Price: Wired computer products are less expensive than wireless ones because they don’t have a wireless receiver and other tech that is used in wireless ones.


  • Cable Management: A wired keyboard and mouse require cable management frequently.
  • Limited Range: Most wired computer device comes with a 1-meter USB cable, so yes, that is the range that we can use, and due to this, they are less portable.

Wireless keyboard and mouse (Pro and Cons)

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse:


  • Portability: Wireless peripherals offer greater freedom of movement and you can take them anywhere you want. You can use them from a distance up to 10 meters.
  • Tangle-free: Wireless accessories are great if you love a spacious and minimal setup. It’s great to use in a professional studio or at a workplace as they don’t have wires


  • Battery Life: You’ll need to replace or recharge batteries in wireless peripherals, the battery can last about 3 to 8 months depends on the usage.
  • Latency: Some wireless peripherals may introduce a slight delay compared to their wired ones, although this is often minimal and not noticeable for most tasks but avoid cheap and third-party local brands because they create problems the most.

My honest opinion

I think if you are planning to buy a new keyboard or mouse you should definitely go for wired products. The main advantage in wireless product is that you don’t have to care about the wires and they give a decent range to operate but I have not a single guy who uses a keyboard from a distance.

Other than than in wireless mouse I have not faced any problem actually I have been using a wireless mouse of TECKNET in the past but recently I switched to wired logitech mouse because it was a less expensive option.

There are lot of options in the market starting from $10 and here are some of the best recommendations that you can buy from.

Best wired keyboards

Best wired mouse

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