How To Clean Charging Port? 4 Things You Must Need!

Clean Charging Port

Charging ports of phones and other gadgets get dirty frequently. Most people ignore it as it can lead to many problems. Here you will read how you can clean the charging port easily. So how to do that?

Charging ports can be cleaned using compressed air, tooth pics, and needles. To clean the port, blow the compressed air, and it will remove the dirt inside the port. Later, just put a needle or toothpick and remove the dirt easily if needed to clean it thoroughly.

To learn more about cleaning the charging ports, read on chargerpedia. Before cleaning the charging port, you may find many new things you should know.

Best way to clean the charging port at home.

things used to clean charging port

You must need certain items to clean the charging port of your smartphone or tablet because these two gadgets get dirty frequently.

Things you require to clean the charging port.

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Compressed air is generally used to clean the dust, and it is the best option to clean the charging port. If you have a little dirt or dust inside the charging port, give 3-4 bursts of air your problem will be solved.

You can get a compressed air can easily at Amazon from here.

  • Toothpick – A toothpick is an excellent option to clean the dust inside the port. However, toothpicks are pretty big, so they cannot pick up the dust that had settled deeper inside the charging port.
  • Needle – Needles can be used to clean the dirt, but while using the pointy objects inside the port, make sure not to damage the pins.
  • Alcohol – You may use minor or small amounts of isopropyl alcohol, or you can also use some rubbing alcohol to clean inside the port. Make sure to dry it before inserting the charging jack. Check the price of isopropyl from here.
  • Hairdryer – A hairdryer can rarely be used when water or moisture is inside the charging port. Compressed air can remove dirt, but hairdryers will completely evaporate the water or moisture inside the port.

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Steps to clean the charging port of a smartphone.

Step 1- Burst some compressed air on the charging port.

Step 2 – Use a toothpick or needle to remove the dirt from the port.

Step 3 – Now, use isopropyl alcohol to remove the dirt entirely.

Just watch this video of how a professional clean a charging port.

Cleaning kit for your charging port

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You can go buy a nozzle cleaning kit. It can be used for multipurpose works such as cleaning printers and removing microchips and dirt, but you can also use it to clean your charging port. The price is very low check here on Amazon.

You can use these kits on any smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or laptop, as the tweezers and needles are very small and easy to handle.

How do you clean magnetic chargers?

If you use a magnetic charger cable, it is very simple to clean. However, the smartphone charger port and charging do not get dirty because both are intact every time, but to clean a magnetic charger, remove the charging pin, clean it with compressed air, and wipe the outer area of the pin with a microfiber cloth.

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While cleaning the charging port, make sure not to use any liquid to clean it because doing so would damage the internal part and the circuit boards. Do not use liquid such as water, surface cleaner, or alcohol.

However, you can use isopropyl alcohol in 1-2 drops to clean the port, as this will protect your smartphone from rusting and clean it better.

What happens when you don’t clean the charging port?

When you don’t clean the charging port of your smartphone or tablet, you may experience certain things.

  • Slow charging speed.
  • The charging cable may not fit properly in the port.
  • Rust can develop if your charging port comes in contact with water.

You may find common problems when you don’t clean the charger frequently.

When should you clean your charging port?

Charging ports can get dirty frequently. It also varies how you use your phone. For example, for people in the construction business, their charger port gets dirty in 2-3 days compared to those working in the office.

Charging ports can be cleaned every 10-15 days. It varies on how you use your phone daily. If you travel a lot, you can do as per your requirement.

What are the leading causes that your charging port getting dirty?

Some factors that are responsible for making or cloning your charging phone dirty

Cloth fabric – Small fabric from the cloth is one of the reasons why your charging port gets dirty. Due to keeping the phone and taking it out multiple times from the pockets, the small cloth fabric gets deposited inside the charging port.

Dirt – Dead skin cells and small dirt particles in the surrounding slowly get deposited into the charging port, but this is a slow process, and it takes time

Moisture – Water can clog the charging port when mixed with dirt. Even if you have a water-resistant smartphone, dry it completely whenever it comes in contact with water.

Can charging ports be damaged while cleaning them?

Charging ports have small pins inside them which connect to the charger. Use a needle or toothpick gently, as it may damage one of the pins while cleaning it. Just with a light hand, slowly remove the dirt inside it.

How to protect your phone charging from getting dirty?

Charging ports can be protected using smartphone cases with a small charger port cover. Using this, you can save your phone from getting dirty. Other than that, a magnetic charging cable can be a better option as it constantly covers the charging port.

Frequently asked questions

Can the smartwatch charging port be cleaned?

All gadgets have the same size charging port, so you can also clean smartwatches. Smartwatches have chances to collect more dirt as they always remain open.

Is the iPhone charger port the same as other phones?

iPhone charging port collects more dirt inside it as it has more hollow space than other C-type phones. But the method of cleaning the smartphone is the same.

How to remove oil from the charging port?

Use a tiny drop of rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol to clean the oily port and let it dry completly

How to get the dust out of the charging port?

Blow air to get the dust out. For that, you can use compressed air cans or small air blowers.

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