List of Phone Charger Costs |Check Price Of Your Charger.

Are you looking to buy a new charger for your smartphone? If you don’t know the price, you can check out the prices in the below-listed table.

Phone Charger Costs
phone charger cost

List of phone charger cost.

Smartphone Charger BrandsPrice list of charger
Apple$19.00 (20W Charger)
$39.00 (Magsafe)
Samsung $14.00 – $35.00
LG $19.00 -$30.00
Motorola$14.00 – $50.00
Google Pixel$25.00
OnePlus$25.00 – $50.00
Alcatel$15.00 – $20.00
Other Brands(BBK Electronics)$10.00 – $40.00
Smartphone charger list of top-selling smartphones brands in the US

Note:- Some of the links listed above are linked to the official site of the smartphone manufacturer, and some links are redirected to linked by smartphone companies themselves. As per my research, they do not sell chargers on their website but sell them to Amazon and another e-commerce site.

How much does a compatible smartphone charger cost?

The compatible charger costs almost 50% – 60% less than the original charger’s price. They are readily available in Walmart, Bestbuy, and Amazon retail shops.

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The only option left is to buy a compatible charger if you find the original chargers. As per my personal experience, I have used and changed many feature phone and smartphone chargers in the past, but they never lasted more than one year.

Few companies manufacture a quality compatible charger. Few of the brands that manufacture compatible chargers are listed below.

These three brands are the best if you consider buying a new compatible charger.

How to buy a smartphone charger?

Now you know about the cost of the chargers, but most people make many mistakes while buying chargers. Read carefully below to avoid getting scammed or buying a fake charger accidentally.

Here are the tips while buying a charger from online and offline stores.

  • Check the seller rating if you are buying from amazon also see the the customer reviews before you pay. Other than that see weather the product can be replaced or returnable or not.
  • Check the packaing if the box is properly sealed or not if you have any doubts don’t buy it.
  • As nowdays all gadgets have QR code at box or in the user manual. Scanning the code will redirect to you the offcial website and if it does not then the prodcut is fake.
  • Counterfit products are made using cheap plastic and it an be easily identified by seeing uneven edges in chargers.

Watch this video to know more about how you can identify a fake charger.

Which is the best place to by smartphone chargers?

The place to buy a smartphone is from the official website. To charge your phone and keep the battery healthy, you should always use the original charger. But if your smartphone is more than three years old, the manufacturer stops making chargers of a particular phone.

Other than that, you can visit the nearest shop in your area and look for the ideal charger for your smartphone, but before buying it, make sure to look at the current output of the charger. If your smartphone needs an 18Watt charger, look for that one only don’t go for another one.

Buying a charger with a lower current can make your phone charge slow.

Should you buy a separate USB cable with charger brick?

I’m not too fond of the USB cables that come out of the box with smartphones and other gadgets as there are many reasons for that.

  • Most brands USB cables are not too durable.
  • USB cables are too short.
  • Mostly gets damaged in few months.

These problems are faced mostly you have purchased smartphones under $300 – $400. But if you have bought smartphones above $500, the companies provide a good charger with a charging cable, so you don’t have to replace it with the new one.

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Now, if you want a longer USB cable that can charge your phone better, you can buy a USB cable from brands like.

  1. JSAUX.
  2. One plus.
  3. Offcial site of your smartphone brand.

Here’s a video on how you can identify a fake cable.

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