How Much Does C-Type Cable Cost?

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Today about 80%-90% of devices we use run on batteries. Most of them use a C-type cable. The C-type cables replaced micro USB cables quickly, and talking about its popularity, the EU(European Union) made some laws about using a standard charger to charge all the devices that run on battery from 2024.

Now when will we use a standard charger in the future? Are most of us going to use a single-charge cable? If you are a person who has been using a charger for a long the, the life of the cable decreases with time with wear and tear.

So if you have to buy a new one in a couple of months or each year if you are a heavy user, apart from this, if you invest your money in a suitable cable, the life of cable can increase by about 6-12 months depending upon the brand and your usage behavior.

Let’s see how much does C-type cable going to cost you.

A good quality USB Type-C cable price starts from $5 and goes up to $20. With the price increase, you get quality, such as braided cable, innovative functions, lights, and cable organizers. You can also get these cables from nearby stores or online stores.

Cost of C-Type cables.

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I have figured out some of the best budget-quality USB-type C cables online. I have limited them to a few only because I don’t want you to think that much and make your move faster. The below list I have made is based on research on the internet and product ratings. Even though I did not use all the cables, I saw an in-depth review of them.

JSAUX USB-C to USB A Cable 3.1A Fast Charging

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JSAUX is one of my top priorities for USB cables. The best thing is this cable’s price; it is the most durable and offers 3.1A fast charging. Apart from this, it supports 4K@60 Hertz and also has a cable length of up to 16.5 feet which is fantastic if you have a limited socket or at a distance.

Checkout JSAUX USB-C price

AINOPE USB C Charger Cable.

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I use USB cables at least 3-6 times a day, and on most of them, the main problem I face is that most of them get damaged quickly near the USB pin where the joint is present. However, the AINOPE USB cable has a right-angle design, so the wire doesn’t bend much. The cable comes with multiple 10-13 types of lengths and 5-6 colors, so you can buy any length you need.

Checkout AINOPE USB-C Price

Amazon basics Type C USB cable.

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This is the best budget-friendly USB C cable online, with a starting price between $5-$6. The price can go down during sales, so if you are looking for a budget-friendly cable, consider this buy. However, I would instead buy a braided cable that is also available.

Checkout Amazon Basic USB-C Price

Tips For buying a suitable C-type USB cable.

These tips might help you buy a good USB-C cable that can easily last and work longer. I have listed four tips to get you the best USB cable you want.

  • Buy branded cable – Go for branded cables. They are quite expensive, but they also offer warranties, customer support, and many other advantages you won’t get on a non-original or a cheap third-party brand.
  • Check the voltage output – C-type USB cables can transfer data at high speed, but check the output voltage if you want to use a single cable for charging your laptop and smartphone. The Minimum current a cable should carry should be 3A(20V, 60W).
  • Buy the new tech – There are C types of cables that can transfer data up to 10 Gbps but make sure to buy them only if you need them; otherwise, you can buy a normal C-type cable. If you do a lot of editing, photography, and stuff that deals with data transfer, then you can buy a USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 cable.
  • Go for the braided cables – Braided cables are best. They protect the cables and lowers wear and tear. I wish I could have braided cable on each of my gadgets. If you can select between a braided cable and a non-braided one, always go for the braided one, even if it is expensive.

Original vs. third-party USB-C Cables.

  • Original USB C-Type cables – The cables you get with the main device are known as original cables. These can be bought from the service centers and the brand’s official website. These cables are best to use with the devices and provide optimal performance. Original cables are priced between $10-$20.
  • Third-Party USB C-type cables – I wrote about third-party products in previous articles. You can check them out. Some great brands have articles better than the original cable about third-party brands. However, to buy, you must research and select a good brand. Third-party cables are priced between $7 – $8 and go up to $50.

What type of cable size is better, short or long?

The best cable length should be between 1 – 1.5 meters long. Avoid cables that are longer than this, as handling them is quite challenging, and longer cables get damaged faster than shorter ones.

How to take care of your C-type cable?

Here are some tips that will help you take care of your USB-C cables and other types of electrical cables you use daily.

  • Avoid winding the cables; if you travel a lot, use a braided cable that can bear the pressure of wear and tear.
  • Keep your cables away from too hot and cold temperatures. This can break the wire easily.
  • Do not use cables in a harsh way or in a hurry; sometimes, the pins can break and can leave the burden of high repair costs for the device.
  • Avoid sharing cable with family members and friends because you don’t know how they use it.

Why branded cables are expensive?

Most brands include marketing and other cost. Due to this, they are expensive.

How long can a C-type cable last?

A USB cable can last about 2-3 years; most importantly, it depends on how you handle them.

Why your C-type cable is not working?

Its pin or cable might have been damaged from the inside due to the flow of current being improper or having been stopped.

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