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Charging smartphones is the most common practice that we do daily. But while charging your smartphone, you must know about several things that might help you boost your charging speed. But let’s understand first how to charge a smartphone fast?

Here are the tips that can help you make your charging speed faster. But before reading further, take a look at how you can clean your charging port.

Tips to charge a smartphone fast.

 charge a smartphone fast
Charging tips

You can use these charging techniques most of the time. However, it may not work if your smartphone’s battery is old.

Use a good cable and charging adapter.

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First of all, see if your charging cable is okay or not. Always consider buying a fully rated cable because they are the best for charging.

And consider using the original charger or use a charger that gives an output of the same current that your phone requires.

If your charger cable is more than two years old, make sure to buy a new one because pins inside the cable become loose due to wear and tear, which also affects the charging performance.

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Turn of all apps.

Mobile applications drain out too much battery power, especially those that run in the background.

If you have installed too many apps on your smartphone, make sure to clean from the background and delete the apps you don’t use regularly. This can make your charging speed much faster.

Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other wireless settings.

If you leave Bluetooth on your smartphone, it could use 6-7% of your battery. It means while charging. The battery will charge 6% slowly. Other than that, you can also turn off locations, NFC, and hotspot to turn the charging speed faster.

GPS consumes the most amount of battery and whenever you order food or use an e-commerce site most of us forgot to off the location. Off the location option to save your battery life and this also increases the charging speed.

If possible turn off your phone.

Most people won’t do this, but if you are really in a hurry turning off your phone will charge your phone 10-15% faster, as I tested it personally.

You can see the table below where I mentioned charging my smartphone from 0 – 100% with a 33-watt charger.

Condition of smartphoneTime to charge 0 – 100%
Smartphone when power on1 hour 5 minutes
Smartphone when power off1 hour 15 minutes

Keep your phone in cool place.

Keeping your phone in places near cozy places can slow its charging speed. To avoid this, keep your phone in an open area.

This happens because the increase in heat can decrease the charging speed. To prevent this, you can keep your phone near an open space.

Tip:- You can use an android charging stand. See some charging stands available on amazon.

Why is your smartphone is not charging fast?

Due to unclean ports and cable.

The charging cable we use can get damaged with time as due to wear and tear, the phone’s charging pin and charging port gets loose.

Due to this, the pins inside the cable port cannot fit properly inside the port. And due to this, you may experience less charging speed.

Also, settling dirt and small fabrics of cloths inside the charging port clogs the port, and the cable does not correctly get fits resulting in slow charging of your device.

Using Bluetooth all the time.

As I have mentioned above, when you use a Bluetooth device, it consumes up to 6-7 % more battery life, and when you keep on your Bluetooth all the time, this could be a minor reason why your face is slow charging compared to regular charging speed.

Old battery.

The average battery life of any smartphone is about 500 – 800 discharge cycles, which means the battery can be in good condition up to an average of 2 years. After that, the battery starts losing its chemical capacity, and the charging speed also gets slow.

You will also experience that your battery will discharge at a much faster rate.

Tips take care of your smartphone charger and battery

  • Don’t charge you battery upto 100% – A smartphone battery has charging cycle of 500-800 if you complete the cycle daily the battry will not last long. Instead discharge your battery till 30% and charge it till 80-90%. This will increase you smartphone battery life.
  • Don’t use charger of local brands – The local brand chargers and cables have made with very cheap materials and wires due to that the current does not flow propery and promotes less charging speed.
  • Clean the rust – When you leave the charger in any open place due to oxidation the matallic part of charger gets rust and while charging the pin does not fit properly. To avoid rusting clean the charging port with alcohol and let it dry.


How many times can we plug and unplug the charging cable in a smartphone?

As per the claims of many smartphone manufacturers we can plug and unplug smartphone charging cables 2000-3000 times. After that charging port becomes loose.

What to do if your phone is not charging fast?

It may be the defect of the charger or the smartphone due to which you are facing slow charging speed. Sometimes changing the cable can fix this problem.

Can charging cable be a reason for slow charging?

Yes, if your charger cable is old this would be a reason for the slow charging for your smartphone. Replace it will a new and you will restore the charging speed.