Low Voltage Charging | Is Charging At Low Voltage Is Good?

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Have you ever charged your phone in low voltage? Well, if you have recently done or maybe thinking whether it should harm your smartphone or not, here’s what you should know about when you do low voltage charging.

Usually, when the voltage drops below 50V, it is considered a low voltage current. But as chargers are made to take input of 120V-240V, the charging will get slow when you charge any device. However, smartphones and laptops need only 5V-20V of current to charge.

I have personally experienced this as I use a 33W charger. When the voltage dropped, the fast charging was not working. However, I still managed to charge my smartphone at an average speed.

My smartphone usually reaches from 30% to 80% in 25 minutes with fast charging. But when voltage was low, it took me more than 90 minutes to charge the smartphone.

I experienced the same with my laptop as they require 19V output due to low voltage, the charger was not charging the laptop fast, and I could charge my computer.

As I was curious about this, I researched its effects and many other things. If you are interested, you can read further. Read how often you should charge your phone a day.

What happens when you charge your phone at low voltage?

First of all the electricity or power company supplies 240V of electricity to the home. Also, if you closely see you charge the input value given, there is 100V – 240V, so the average voltage of the charger can work efficiently in this range.

When the voltage goes below the mentioned range in the charger, the output voltage also drops as the input current is not that much the adapter fails to convert the high to low voltage.

These are the following things you can observe when you charge your phone at low voltage.

  • You device will not charge completly.
  • The charging speed will decreased upto 60%.
  • The device may also discharge quickly if you have charged your device at low voltage.

Does Low voltage affect the battery or chargers?

Charging once or twice is okay, but it will damage your device if you frequently charge it at a low voltage.

You can also get electric shock by the charger when you have plugged the charger into the socket when the voltage is low.

Charging a device at low voltage damages the battery and reduces the life of a healthy battery. Taking about the charger, they also get damaged using too often at low voltage.

Can other devices be charged or used on low voltage?

Devices that require low voltage or current can be used in an emergency, but it is not recommended to use them knowingly.

Smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, and small devices can be charged at low voltage.

Many devices come with an inbuilt power stabilizer to protect them from low voltages. You can see this technology is LED Tv, Air conditioners, Refrigerators and all.

Important things to know while charging you device at low voltage.

Charging a device usually and charging at low voltage is not the same. While you practice this, make sure to avoid these things.

  • Do not use smartphone and laptops while charging in low voltage as it will drain battery much faster rather than charging it.
  • Do not charge you device if there’s no need. Wait till the voltage stebelizes.
  • If you feel that you device device or charger is heating when you charge it on the low voltage immediatly remove the plug from the socket otherwise the device or charger can catch fire.

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To avoid problems with low voltage the best option to fix your problem is using a voltage stabilizer. You can buy this from amazon easily. Check out here


How much voltage does a smartphone require for charging?

Modern smartphones which come with fast chargers require 9Volts -15volts. And normal smartphones require 5Volts.

How much voltage do Laptops require for charging?

Laptops require 19Volts – 25Volts for charging. The faster the charging speed the more voltage will be required.

How to see device voltage information?

Check device information option, battery option, or see in the charger adapter all electrical consumption information is given there.

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