6 Finest Phone Chargers For Android Better Than Original!

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If you are looking for phone chargers for your Android smartphone, you have come to the right place!

This post will help you to decide on buying a good charger for your smartphone. If you are looking for a smartphone charger, here is a quick pick: Anker’s 511 Charger. This is one of the finest compact chargers you can buy online with genuine and best ratings. Other than that, there are other brands that I have listed below, such as Rav Power, Yootech, and spigen. These chargers would be the alternate choice for you.

When buying a phone charger, you have to take about these things.

  • Quality of the charger(wires, pins, and material).
  • Brand name and reviews by customers.
  • Power output.
  • Warranty, customer service, and repair covers.

Keeping all these things in mind, I have listed some phone chargers for Android that you can buy online or from the offline market.

List of best Android chargers.

The chargers listed here are wall and budget-friendly, and none are faster. These can be excellent alternatives for your smartphone. If your original phone charger is damaged or won’t work fine, buy any of the chargers listed below.

1. Anker PowerPort III Pod Lite

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Anker is a renowned brand in the field of chargers. This brand has often won the award for the number one charger brand and is one of the best manufacturers of chargers.

Talking about Anker PowerPort III Pod Lite, let’s see why you should consider it for buying.

  • Compact design compared to other mobile and laptop chargers.
  • Has PowerIQ 3.0 technology to detect any device and to adjust voltage output for tailored, optimized charging speed.
  • Easy to use on any Android and Apple products such as iPhones and laptops.
  • Comes with an 18-month warranty.

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2. UGREEN 30W USB C Charger

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Most of you may not have heard about UGREEN. It is a Chinese consumer electronic brand that manufactures computer and phone peripherals. Talking about the UGREEN 30W USB C Charger, let’s see why you should buy this.

  • One of the best compact 30 W chargers.
  • Has GaN II chip helps in higher efficiency with low heat and faster power delivery.
  • Thermal Guard technology protects the device from overheating.
  • Good option if you are looking for a travel charger too.

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3. INIU USB C Wall Charger

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INIU is an international brand, and its customers are in various countries. This brand has got one of the best reviews. Although the numbers are less compared to other brands on Amazon, the feedback is positive from its customers.

Reasons to buy INIU USB C Wall Charger.

  • Has more than 38 million customers.
  • The company claims 3 years of guaranteed return of a new product if you find any quality issues.
  • Can charge 2 devices at the same speed at one time.
  • Monitors Temp 3.2 Million Times/Day to safeguard the device.

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4. Amazon Basics One-Port USB Wall Charger

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I kept this charger not because it’s fast or has the best quality. But due to its price, the combo of two chargers is lower than $10, and if you are in hurry or going to any place where you don’t want to take your expensive chargers, then Amazon basics chargers are the best.

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5. Xmogo PD 

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Xmogo chargers are affordable, and I found this charger provides a Power Delivery feature for under $10. This 20W charger has a Quick charge of 3.0.

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6. Ravpower PD 30W

Untitled design

Ravpower is among the pioneers in the charging industry. This brand sells one of the top premium chargers for your devices, such as smartphones and laptops. The best thing about this charger is its quality. The price is $30 for this charger; you can easily find this on Ravpower’s official website.

Which type of charger is best for Android phones?

All the listed chargers are ideal for Android phones and smartphones. However, follow this specific point to use your smartphone effortlessly. Per my research, all Apple or Android batteries are the same. Most batteries today have lithium-ion, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Here is the quick smartphone charger buying guide.

  • Buy a charger with new technology, such as GaN, PD, or PDS.
  • Avoid using chargers of more than 100 W. The more you charge your device using high Capacity.
  • See the quality of the charging brick as well as the quality of the wire if you get it with the charger.
  • Check reviews, watch in-depth videos on youtube, and then only make the decision to buy the charger.
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