Wireless charger cost -3 Best wireless chargers at low cost.

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Do you have a wireless charging phone or want to buy a new wireless charger for your smartphone?

The demand for wireless chargers is increasing every year. According to “Gminsights,” the wireless charging market will expand up to 27% by 2027. So this means that people will move toward buying wireless charging devices.

There should be many questions in your mind about this thing. Here at chargerpedia, you will learn about the best wireless chargers with the lowest cost you can buy for your smartphone.

So how much does a wireless charger cost?

Wireless chargers for mid-level smartphones start at a price range of $12-$20, and for flagship smartphones, it costs around $40-$80. Apple and Samsung are the two brands that promote wireless charging most in their smartphones.

Now let’s look over various other things about wireless chargers, and you can also take a look at the ten best wireless chargers you can buy for your smartphone.

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Wireless charger cost

As I told you above, the cost of wireless chargers starts from $10 to $100. But as we all know, most smartphone manufacturers don’t provide the charger with the smartphone itself. Due to this, either you have to use the old charger or buy a new one from the market.

Why would you use a traditional or standard charger if you bought a smartphone with inbuilt wireless charging technology? So ultimately, you must buy a new wireless charger for your smartphone.

Below is a table and price list of various wireless chargers you can buy online.

Wireless charger brandsPrice of wireless charger
Apple Magsafe (iPhone 13, iPhone 12)$39
Samsung fast charger(Galaxy S21, S22)$39-$80
Oneplus Wrap Charger 50W$70
10W Standard wireless chargers(For every type of smartphone)$10-$25
15W fast wireless charger$15-$30
Wireless chargers with price list.

Three best wireless chargers brands at low prices.

1. Yootech Wireless Charger

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Why should you buy this product?

  • Has four charging modes and can charge multiple devices.
  • Gives output up to 10 watts and is Qi certified.
  • Best rated wireless charger on amazon with 4.5+ stars.
  • Positive reviews about the charger on online platforms.

2. Anker Wireless Charger

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Why should you buy this product?

  • Ideal for iPhones and other phones.
  • The built quality of the charger is fantastic.
  • Build quality is excellent and available in two colors.

3. NANAMI Qi-Certified Wireless Charger.

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Why should you buy this product?

  • Has 2 coils and is 1.4 times faster than other wireless chargers on the market.
  • 5mm case with antislip pads for better grip.
  • Supports almost every smartphone.

Things to know before buying a wireless smartphone charger.

Certain things you need to check before buying a wireless charger for your smartphone; otherwise, it may be problematic for you.

Buy a charging pad receiver first.

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If you own a non-wireless charging smartphone and want to charge it with a wireless charger, you need to buy a wireless charging pad(adapter) for your smartphone.

The adapter is easy to install on the device. Just plug it into the charger port and keep the receiver in the back of the phone using any phone cover.

Charging pad receivers are readily available in e-commerce and Walmart stores, and their price starts from $12.

Wireless chargers are slow.

Wireless chargers are slow compared to wired chargers. Currently, we have smartphones that come with 120W chargers and more. But if you compare them with wireless chargers, the only fastest charger in wireless chargers is the OnePlus Warp Charge 50 Wireless Charger.

But as technology advances, the wireless charging solution and more options will come in the future.

Only buy a Qi-certified charger.

According to Qualcomm, the “Qi global wireless charging standard” includes more than 650 brands and 3,500 electronic products.

Buy any product that has to be charged using a charger. That should have Qi certification because a device has passed various tests organized by the manufacturer and Qualcomm.

Can a wireless charger charge any phone?

Not all phones have a wireless charging facility, and that technology doesn’t provide or include any wireless charger.

To charge any standard smartphone wirelessly, you must invest a minimum of $40. $20 for the charging adapter that will connect with your smartphone and the rest $20 for that charging pad that you will use to charge your phone.

FAQ about the wireless charger

Can a wireless charger be used on both android and ios devices?

A smartphone with an inbuilt wireless charging adapter can be charged with any wireless charger.

Does the wireless charger heat up the device?

Wireless chargers charge smartphones by creating a magnetic field using the concept of induction. This process requires heat which heats the device more compared to standard charging.

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