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If you recently purchased a power bank, you must think about How many times a power bank can be used?

A power bank gives 80% -90% output for charging other devices and utilizes the rest 10%-20% to show charging indicators, flashlights, and beeping sounds. There are many power banks with a capacity from 5000 mAh to 50000 mAh.

But most people don’t have complete knowledge about power banks usage and how many times it can be used to charge a device.

If you plan to buy a new power bank, you can read further to know complete details about power bank usage and other things.

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Detailed information on power bank usage.

As per my research on, most people buy a power bank of 20000 mAh. But they think that they can utilize its full juice out of it.

To make it easy to understand, I have made a table and mentioned how many times a particular device can be charged. Also, I have listed power banks with a capacity of 5000 – 50000 mAh.

The data I have mentioned in the table relates to charging an iPhone 13, which has a 4352 mAh battery. Let’s see how many times you can charge this phone with various capacity power banks.

Power bank battery capacityThe time it can fully charge a 5000 mAh phone
10000 mAh1
20000 mAh3
30000 mAh5
40000 mAh7
50000 mAh9
Table for charging of an iPhone with power bank
Power bank battery capacityThe time it can fully charge an iPhone 13
10000 mAh2
20000 mAh4
30000 mAh6
40000 mAh9
50000 mAh11
Table for charging of a smartphone using a power bank

But the data given above is for charging your smartphone or device from 0% to 100%, but you should avoid that because I have told you about battery charge and discharge cycle in other posts.

The number of charging times can vary if you set your phone or any device from 30%,50, or 70%.

Why power banks full battery cannot be consumed?

Some internal parts in the power bank include a battery indicator, screen, and flashlight. Using them draws the juice from that device itself, and about 20% of the total battery capacity power bank uses it.

Suppose you have bought a power bank of 20000 mAh, but you can consume only 18000 mAh to charge the devices. Also, while charging another device as heat is lost due to energy transmission, some battery capacity is lost.

How many times a power bank can be charged(Lifespan)?

Power banks consist of lithium-ion batteries, and all lithium-ion batteries last for two to three years. And the lifespan of power banks depends on how many times it has been used.

As you all have read in my previous post, you must know now that lithium-ion batteries can be charged up to 600-700 cycles. However, many people don’t use a power bank daily, and the frequency of charging a power bank is also significantly less.

I have not used my power bank for the past three months. This happened because I did not travel much, and the power outage was also significantly less. Due to that, my power bank does not have many charges.

How long much does the power bank hold charge?

The self-discharge rate of power banks is an average of 5% – 10% monthly. But it can increase with certain conditions.

  • If powerbanks are kept in hot place the self discharge rate will increase with incresae in temperature and it will loose more power.
  • If it kept ideal for too long like three – six months the charge percentage can drop more than 50%.

This self-discharge rate not only applies to power banks but applies to every device that has a lithium-ion battery. If you do not charge them frequently, it could be bad for cells.

To keep your battery in healthy condition, make sure to charge the device once every two months. Otherwise, the battery retention will degrade slowly.

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What is inside the powerbank?

Powerbank is not what you think it contain mainly of two things:

  • Circuit board.
  • Lithium Ion Battery .

This video might help you ot and clear all of your dobts related to power banks.

Can power bank be charged with any charging adapter?

Most power banks do not come with any power brink and charging brick. You will only get in the pack a short USB type c cable to charge the devices. But you can charge a power bank with any of the chargers you have.

Most power banks support fast charging. You can use your present mobile chargers to charge them quickly.


How much time does it take to charge a power bank?

As power banks have massive battery capacity with regular chargers of 10W – 15W, it takes you 2-3 hours to fully charge a 20000 mAh power bank. But with the fast charger, you can reduce the time to half.

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