Laptop Adapter Buying Guide |Tips To Buy A Good Laptop Charger?

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Buying an adapter for a laptop is not as easy as it looks. As buying a laptop adapter or charger is not normal for most of us. The majority of us change our laptops before we buy a laptop adapter.

I have detailed this post so you won’t miss any points when buying an adapter. Also, I bought a couple of laptop adapters for my brother and me, so I know how to get them and what to check out when buying them. So here is how you can buy a Google laptop charger.

When you go to buy a laptop charger, the first thing you need to do is check the laptop power input, battery capacity, and laptop’s model name. Then you can visit a computer shop, Walmart, BestBuy, or any online platform, provide the name of your laptop’s model, and get an ideal laptop adapter.

Sometimes the laptop’s model number is quite long, so either you write it down on paper, snap a pic or take your laptop with you to the shop. Other than this, if you buy the product from an online store, check the reviews, especially those of customers who have bought it.

Make sure to match the pins of the laptop charger while buying the new one with your previous charger pin.

Price of the laptop adapter.

The price of laptop adapters depends on various factors. But the most important among them is the brand and manufacturer. Let’s see the price list of laptop adapters.

How much does a laptop power adapter cost?

The price of laptop adapters is between $30-$80 or sometimes more, but this is the price range you need to put in to get an adapter. It depends on various factors such as:

  • Brand – HP, Lenovo, Dell; these laptops require the same adapters, which are between 50W-90W, so the price range is between $30-$50. In comparison, Apple 140 W adapter is priced at $99. So it generally depends on the brands. Other than that, third-party manufacturers sell their products for $20-$40.
  • Availability – Old laptop adapters are difficult to find, and local shops only sell them if they get customer orders. They add postage and handling charges to the charger price, so the price moves toward the expensive side.
  • Power – The more powerful the charger, the higher its cost. For example, an Apple 30W charger costs $49, and a 140W charger costs $99.

Can we buy parts of the laptop chargers separately?

Laptop charger components

Laptop chargers come with two parts: Ac cables with female pins and charger transformers. Both can be bought separately, but primarily sellers sell both products in a single box. However, soon all the devices will have a C-type charging port; in that case, it will be quite obvious to buy both the adapter and charging cable separately.

The price of charger cables ranges from $10-$20.

How many watts is the laptop charger?

The laptop charger and laptop should have the same output and input. Most budget laptops come with a charger of 45W to 90W, and some laptops have chargers up to 150W; I have observed that most people don’t care about this watt thing on laptop chargers once they plug in their laptop. They forget everything and use it.

But for your general information, most laptops these days charge up to 50% in less than 30 minutes. These belong to brands like HP, Dell, and Apple.

The higher the laptop’s adapter watt, the more you pay.

How to check the laptop adapter voltage?

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It’s pretty easy to check the power output of the laptop’s adapter. You can check the charger transformer, which is in a brick shape. There you will find all the details about the charger adapter.

Most chargers have mentioned the output in watts. If absent, you can check the output by multiplying the (output volt x given ampere).

In my case, it was given 65W, but if you need to count it, you must do 19.5 x 3.33 = 64.9, approximately 65 Watts.

Do laptop charger work in low voltage?

Yes, laptop chargers work in low voltage as well. I have written a detailed post about this topic. You can check it out.

When there is a fluctuation in voltage, that won’t affect much to a laptop as it runs on a battery. However, using your laptop directly without a battery is not recommended.

How many types of laptop chargers are there?

types of laptop connector
Image from 90W AC Laptop Charger) – Types of charger pins and their compatibility with various laptop brands.

Laptop chargers are of three types basically:

  • Original chargers – These are manufactured by brand; generally, you can buy this on official websites.
  • Compatible chargers – Great alternative for a laptop that is old and doesn’t have an original spare left in the market.
  • Universal chargers – Universal chargers are great for offices and workspaces.

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Faq for laptop chargers

How to know which laptop charger is suitable for your laptop?

By knowing the model number of a laptop, you can buy a compatible charger for it. The model number is given in the invoice or the bill that you have got while purchasing the laptop, the backside of the device, properties and user manuals.