10 Trustable Third-Party Laptop Battery And Charger Brands in 2023.

Best third-party laptop battery brands

Third-party batteries from a well-reputed seller are fine to use if it is compatible with your laptop. They may have a lower capacity(charging cycle) than the original one, but they are good to use because they come at half the price of the original one.

All the battery brands listed below are powered by Lithium-Ion technology and are rechargeable batteries for portable electronics. Manufactured using A-graded cells, they have a safeguard chip that ensures the battery’s longevity.

Certified by CE for safety and strict guidelines for compatibility. And all the batteries come with one year warranty period.

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Which company makes the third-party laptop battery best?

BrandsBest for
Ninja battHP, Dell
HSXHP, Lenovo
Fancy BuyingDell
TSKYBEARLenovo, Acer
OuweeHP, Dell
VanpirLenovo, Dell

1. Ninja batt

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Ninja Batt is a leading third-party battery manufacturing company that provides good-quality laptop batteries at a reliable price of about $30-75.

Ninja batt Batteries comprise grade “A” cells with top-quality ion battery materials that ensure: Reliable performance, Extended battery life, and Safe use anytime, anywhere.

Ninja Batt manufactures batteries for brands Like; Apple, Dell, and HP. And all the Ninja batt batteries come with 12 months warranty period with a 500+ charge cycle.

Checkout Ninja Batt’s price

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2. HSX

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HSX produces high-rated and well-priced products. HSX batteries are made with high-quality material with top-graded battery cells and have longer battery life. Hence The performance of the battery is quite good.

The battery comes in a price range between $19-55. And it includes a 12-month warranty coverage with every single purchase. We can replace the battery if anything happens under the warranty period.

The batteries of this brand are available on Amazon. You can directly purchase it from there.

Buy HSX batteries

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TREE.NB is one of the most trusted third-party battery brands, Manufacturing laptop batteries, and chargers for 12 years. It manufactures batteries for HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Apple.

The battery comes with a 12-month warranty. You can buy the Tree. Nb laptop batteries directly from Amazon. And the battery price is about $16 – 45, depending on the laptop brand.

Checkout Tree.nb price

4. Fancy Buying

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Fancy Buying is a manufacturer of high-performance items. They offer affordable laptop batteries, laptop power ac adapters/ chargers, iRobot batteries, and power tool batteries.

Fancy buying batteries comes with Overload protection, short circuit protection, and Over-temperature protection.

The battery comes in a price range between $18-50. The company provides a 1-year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee if any problem arises.

Checkout Fancy buying price

5. GHU

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GHU batteries are incorporated with Grade A battery cells to ensure longer battery life and durability. High-quality material and IC ensure durability and performance, Up to 500 charge and Discharge cycles.

The built-in intelligent control chip conveniently offers Quicker charging, lower power consumption, and longer discharge time. The battery has a one-year warranty and a price range between $19 and $ 51.

Checkout GHU price

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Techowl is also one of the most trusted brands for manufacturing laptop batteries. Generally famous for making MacBook batteries.

The batteries contain 6 cells and are long-lasting compared to the other batteries. It also provides a year warranty and comes in a price range between $20 – $60.

Techowl batteries


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TSKYBEAR is a computer accessory manufacturing company producing batteries and charging for various brands. The battery is designed with built-in circuit protection.

The internal integrated chip identifies overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, and overcharge protection to ensure safe charging. The battery comes in a price range between $24 – 35.

Checkout Tskybear

8. Tevelmick

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Tevelmick’s company has concentrated on laptop accessories production for over twenty years, manufacturing premium quality batteries with a price range of $19-60. The best thing I like about this brand is that it provides batteries with long life, such as 6000 mAh-7000 mAh.

Checkout Tevelmick

9. Ouwee

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OUWEE is a leading battery company and battery-powered charging solutions brand. Batteries use 100% compatible ‘grade A’ cells for a safe way to let your laptop run like new. With multi-protection such as short circuits, overheating, and overload, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

And OUWEE helps you put your laptop back in your life; you can enjoy plenty of time away from your AC adapter. Comes in a price range between $29 – 110.

Checkout OUWEE Batteries

10. Vanpir

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Vanpir is a professional laptop battery manufacturer dedicated to manufacturing and providing different high-quality types of laptop batteries.

The Manufacturer adopts strict quality control standards and reliable and high-quality batteries. Meet the OEM’s specifications, be stable and last long, Lower Power Consumption, and provide more substantial power for your laptop.

Support 30 days return or exchange and 12 months warranty. And comes in a price range $30 – $90.

Checkout vanpir batteries price

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From where can you buy these batteries

Computer shops

We can buy these batteries from the nearest computer shop or the authorized seller. In Computer shops, we get various options from the different sellers of the particular battery besides the original one.


We can buy these batteries from the supermarket but buy the correct compatible battery with your laptop. Don’t forget to check the model number.

E-commerce store

We can buy batteries from e-commerce stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. The advantage of buying from an e-commerce store is that we get the products at a reasonable and fair price, see the customer ratings, and compare the same products from different brands.

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Checkout Laptop batteries on Amazon


we can purchase laptop batteries from the social media platforms like Instagram. We can check out the official page of the battery brands, and from there, we can buy the desired laptop battery.

Or we can also go to the official website of the brands, and from there, we can buy the batteries.

Does brand matter when you buy a battery?

Yes, for most people, brand matters a lot because of trustworthiness, reliability, and, most importantly, it gives satisfaction when they buy the product. Branded batteries are easy to replace and repair compared to locally manufactured batteries. However, comparing the prices of both branded batteries are hard to find when your laptop gets old.

Are Chinese batteries safe to buy?

China manufactures both cheap and quality products. It’s up to the companies and brands who invest money in the product. Before you buy any new battery, check the background of the company. About 40%-50% of companies outsource or manufacture their product in China.

So it’s safe to buy batteries from Chinese manufacturers.

What are the best platforms to buy a laptop battery?

  • Amazon
  • Bestbuy
  • Walmart
  • Nearby computer shops,

is it safe to buy third-party laptop batteries?

As per my research, more than 50%-60% of people buy laptop batteries that belong to a third-party brand. And as per my personal use, these batteries have half the life of OEM batteries, but looking at the price point, third-party batteries are a better option when you are tight budget and don’t want to empty your pockets.

Things to look at before you buy third-party laptop batteries.

  • Battery Cells
  • Make sure that the battery has Over-charge and Over-discharge protection
  • Voltage
  • High-capacity circulatory function
  • Price
  • Compatibility
  • Customer Ratings.

However, getting a replacement battery for any device from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is undoubtedly the best option.

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What is the difference between third-party and aftermarket batteries?

Don’t get confused about third-party and aftermarket batteries. There is a very minor difference between these two things.

Third-party BatteriesAftermarket Batteries
Third-party products are made by companies that manufacture multiple products in a particular field, such as car chargers, wall chargers, etc. For example, Ninjabatt and HSX.The aftermarket products are made by companies that provide original batteries to manufactures or specialized battery manufacturers focusing on producing replacement laptop batteries. For example, Amperex Technology Limited is the company that manufactures original batteries for Apple Macbooks
difference between third-party and aftermarket batteries

FAQs About Laptop Batteries

Are third-party laptop batteries safe to buy?

There is no guarantee that any electronic product when will get damaged. However, it is safe to buy third-party laptop batteries, as most users do this.