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emergency phone chargers

Smartphones have become a part of our daily life, and I think most people won’t live without day with their smartphones. But have you ever thought about what you would do if you went to a place where there’s, is no electricity or it cuts off very often?

Today in this post, you will learn about Emergency Phone Chargers, how to use them, their cost, and where to use them. This is niche-level information, and I thought that I should share this with you people.

Before you read below, this post will be most helpful for those people who are:

  • Working in remote areas.
  • Have a field job such as a delivery agent.
  • Occasional campers and trekkers.
  • Youtubers and content creators travel a lot for research and content creation.

Types of emergency phone chargers

Various devices available in the market can quickly juice up our smartphones. But first, I will talk about that product that does not require any other power source, such as power banks and car chargers, to charge the phone.

1. Hand-cracked charger

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This is the best emergency phone charger if you have a small-feature phone. The hand-cracked charger uses the simple principle of changing mechanical energy into electrical energy.

However, these chargers are only meant for emergencies. The power output of these chargers depends on how quickly you rotate the crack. The more you crank, the faster your phone will charge.

These gadgets are not meant for devices with big batteries. If you were thinking of charging your 4000 mAh phone, it would take around 20-24 hrs.

Cost – $15 – $50

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2. AAA battery charger

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AAA charger is a device that uses small batteries to charge a big battery. The power output is five amps, and with an increase in your budget, you can buy a charger with more slots. Charging your phone with these in an emergency can be done but don’t expect more from this product.

Cost $11-$30

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3. One-time use chargers

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One-time charges are meant for single use only. These emergency chargers are great for a long trip to any remote place for shooting or working. These chargers hold power between 2000 – 3000 mAh and can charge your device in 1-2 hours.

These chargers have 1-2 years of self-live, so please check the manufacturing date when you buy them. You can buy them at Walmart or Bestbuy as a single piece and in packs of 6, 10, and 12 pieces from Amazon.

Cost – $20-$40

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4. Solar charger

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Solar chargers are the most popular chargers and are environment friendly too. These are slow, and portability is not good compared to the above products. However, most solar chargers give fast output up to (5V/4.8A Max). These are best to use when you are staying at a place such as camping, but these can be avoided when you are on the go.

Cost – $30-$80

Besides these chargers, you can also ask for help if someone is around you.

  • You can borrow someone’s chargers.
  • You can charge your phone in a car charger.
  • Use public chargers if there’s an only emergency.

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Tips to remember when you are buying an emergency phone charger.

Emergency phone chargers are products that we don’t buy too often or rarely. A lot of people will prefer powerbanks instead of these above chargers that I have listed above. But my point was to list the chargers that charge your phone without electricity in powerbanks. After 2-4, it will be out of juice, and you will then require electricity to fill it up.

If you want to purchase some of the above products, keep some essential points in mind.

  • Buy only an emergency charger if you are going to a remote place for a long duration.
  • These chargers are slow to charge your device; you may need to use them for hours.
  • Hand crack chargers and solar chargers are not that durable it can break easily, so use them carefully.
  • One-time use chargers are the best but go with solar chargers if you are camping them.

What to do when your phone battery is about to die?

You can use battery-saver or low-power modes when your phone’s battery is about to die. Every smartphone has this option in the settings or the security option.

To save your battery, first of all, disable location. Lower the phone brightness and disable Bluetooth modes. Doing this, you will get 30-40 minutes of extra juice when your phone is below 20%.

However, these days, most smartphones have a reverse charging option, so if it’s really important, you can juice up your phone 5-10%.

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