15+ Facts About Laptop Batteries I Bet You Didn’t Know!

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Do you know everything about laptop batteries? I bet you don’t because these things are the products that we people don’t pay attention to that much. We only think about laptop batteries when facing any problem with our laptop, mostly power related.

Here are some facts you may not have heard about laptop batteries. I have learned these things after creating this blog, as I have researched these things over the past 2 years.

  1. Laptop batteries have an average of 450-500 charge cycles.
  2. When laptop batteries or any other battery is kept under heat, it discharges quickly. You must have noticed this when you use your phone in bright sunlight.
  3. Third-party laptop batteries are 40%-60% cheaper than the original batteries.
  4. Laptops like Dell and MacBook have the longest battery life, up to 18-19 hours, on a single charge.
  5. Keep your battery levels between 30% – 80% for the best performance and long life.
  6. Most old laptop batteries had 18650 batteries that looked like AA batteries. But now, these batteries are removed from thin sheets of lithium ions.
  7. Always play games when you have plugged in your charger. Playing on a battery might not give you a good experience, especially on low-end laptops.
  8. SSD has no moving parts. Upgrading your old laptop with an SSD will work more efficiently and consume less storage than a hard drive.
  9. You can use books as a laptop stand if you don’t have a cooling pad. This helps airflow down the laptop and keeps it cool.
  10. Use the auto-dimming option on your laptop, just like a smartphone. It will increase or decrease the brightness as per nearby light.
  11. Brands like Ninja Batt and HSX are among the best brands you can buy as third-party batteries for your laptop.
  12. Some applications consume a lot of battery in the background. If you are not using them, uninstall or stop them from the services option on your Windows laptop.
  13. Use hibernate option instead of shut down. It uses less power, is quick, and keeps your files saved.
  14. When using google chrome, try to avoid using more than 3 tabs as This application uses a lot of battery.
  15. Original batteries are expensive but run up to 2x -3x times more than the compatible ones.
  16. Most laptop companies do not manufacture their own batteries.
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