Why are AA-lookalike batteries used in most laptops?

batteries inside laptop

Have you opened a laptop battery ever?

If you have or not, this is quite interesting, and you will be amazed to know that in most laptops, the battery is made up of joining AAA lookalike batteries. I got curious about this topic and researched the batteries used in laptops.

So after spending about 2-3 hours reading 12-15 blog posts, I learned that the batteries used in our laptop are known as 18650 batteries. However, these batteries are outdated and used in flashlights, powerbanks, and other high-power draining devices.

What type of battery is used in laptops?

18650 batteries 1

In laptops, lithium-ion battery is used, whereas in the old laptop, 18650 batteries were used because they were cheap to produce and assemble. Still, after 2015, most laptops started using slim, non-removable batteries like smartphones.

In most aftermarket batteries, 18650 batteries are mostly used because they are affordable and cheap in price, as manufacturers can recycle them efficiently.

Previously when laptop batteries had 18650 on them, their price was less, but as the size got reduced and battery capacity increased, the prices increased.

What are 18650 batteries?

18650 batteries are named after it’s size. The girth of these batteries is 18mm, and the length is 65mm. Don’t confuse these batteries with AA batteries. They look the same but have different sizes and use cases too.

From my point of view, two types of batteries are used in laptops.

  • Fat batteries(external) – 18650 batteries are used and used on old laptops.
  • Slim batteries(internal) – These contain lithium cells in brick or small packet form.

Should you open your laptop battery and change the 18650 batteries?

Changing or trying to remove your old batteries from your laptop and charging them is not recommended. It may cause a lot of damage to you and can cause significant injuries. The batteries.

The 18650 batteries are installed in any battery by an expert as an individual. I don’t think anyone has the tools and testing materials to arrange these batteries for a laptop or any other device.

I have opened powerbanks and batteries in the past to see what’s inside these devices, and I was amazed to see small batteries, but after making this blog, I learned a lot about batteries.