5 Affordable Phone Chargers You Can Buy Online!


Chargers are something that we all don’t purchase often. If you use chargers aggressively, they might get damaged quickly and stop working. Generally, smartphone chargers don’t get damaged quickly; however, if you observe some of the things below, it’s time to change your phone charger.

  • The charger brick is heating too fast.
  • Hearing some sounds if you connect your charger to the port.
  • The charger stops working suddenly after a few minutes of charging.

As per my experience, you should avoid buying a local third-party brand’s charger, which can also damage your smartphone. But if you want to go out and buy the charger from the offline market, then make sure to research the company and

I have managed to get the list of five best chargers brands available on amazon. The list is based on positive reviews, customer satisfaction, popularity, affordability, and quality of the charger.

Many other brands can gain popularity with time, which will also be listed here. So far, I have compiled a list of the five best affordable phone chargers listed below.

List of charger brands that you can buy from online stores.

1. Cluvox

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With a 4.5-star rating, this is the best charger brand I found online. The main USP of this brand is that it comes with two charging bricks and two C-type charging cables at an affordable price of just $11.

So you are getting a total of four products on this deal. Check out this product at amazon.

2. Amazon Basics

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As most of us know, that amazon also manufactures its tech gadgets now, and talking about chargers, it has a wide range to offer. The best thing about this charger is that it is apple certified, and most buyers have bought it for this reason. The price of a 20W charger starts at $11.69.

Other than that, there are other options available for 30W, 36W, and 100W chargers.

Check out this charger on amazon.

3. Yuxh One

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Yuxh one charger is the most simple charger on this list. It gives an output current of 5V 1.5A, generally used to charge minor features and old smartphones. You can also use USB to micro USB cables, and this can also be used to operate any small USB device, such as speakers and fans, that runs on low electricity. With just under $7, this charger is a great deal.

Checkout this charger on amazon

4. Geonav

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This is not a new name Geonav is among the most popular smartphone chargers. So far, this charger has been rated the highest on this list. If you are an iPhone user, this brand can be an excellent substitute.

The charger comes with a 6FT USB c-type cable for only $12.90.

Checkout this product on amazon

5. Yootech

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Yootech is the best-rated budget-friendly wireless charger on this list. With just $11.19, it gives the power of wireless charging. It is compatible with wireless charging phones, both flagships and mid-range ones. However, the charging speed is slow, just 10W, but no other brand is providing this deal at this price point.

Check out this charger on amazon.

6. Other brands chargers.

You can use other brands’ chargers, such as Xiaomi, Samsung, or Motorola. But make sure the output current matches your phone’s input current; otherwise, your phone may get slowly charged if you have an older charger that can also be used as a travel charger.

You can also buy this charger adapter if you’re not getting the original charger for your phone. For example, I have used a Samsung charger many times to charge my Xiaomi phone.

How much should you spend on phone chargers?

Many types of chargers are available in the market. You can buy them from online and offline markets based on your requirements. I have made a list of the three types of chargers based on their price you can buy them.

  • Affordable budget chargers – Chargers made by third-party companies, their price ranges between $5-$18.
  • Performance chargers – Fast chargers, durable and last longer, generally priced between $10-$25
  • Original chargers – These chargers are generally available at the official store or the official website of the mobile manufacturer.

If you plan to change your smartphone soon, I suggest you buy an affordable charger, as you may get a new charger out of the box with your phone(excluding the apple iphone).

Are affordable or low-cost chargers suitable for smartphones?

Affordable chargers are great but don’t blindly buy chargers of any brand, as there are too many fakes than the originals in the market. Before buying any charger, you must check certain things before you buy any charger.

  • Manufacturer name.
  • Certification.
  • Power output.
  • Quality.

FAQ about phone chargers

Do low-cost phone chargers come with a warranty?

Some brands give a minimum of six months – one-year warranty. You have to check it out before buying it.

Can we use any charger to charge our smartphones?

Yes, if the charger is from a good brand, it can charge the phone.

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