Calculate Ev Charging Cost – A Free Tool For Travel Cost Estimation.

eve charging cost

Here is a simple tool that you can use to calculate your average monthly ev charging cost at home. You enter small information such as electricity rate, battery size, and amount percentage charged; it will automatically give you the numbers.

To use this tool, here are some details you should know.

  • The battery size of your EV – The battery size is between 75 kWh – 120 kWh of most cars. If you don’t know the size of your battery, check the model’s name on the internet. For example, Tesla Model Y 2023 has 81 kWh of battery.
  • Percentage of bettery charged The bettery percentage that you should enter here should be the number when your charging starts and when you stop the charging. For example, if you plug in your car for charging when it is 20% and plug out the charger at 80%, then the total percentage you charge your car is 60%. You have to subtract the numbers.

EV Charging Cost Calculator

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