Compatible chargers – It is okay to use them?

Compatible chargers

Have you bought a compatible charger recently, or are you planning to buy a new one?

You may have many questions about its working and whether it can charge your devices such as smartphones and laptops.

Compatible chargers are okay to use with your devices, but you should only buy them when not getting the original chargers. Compatible chargers are easy to find in the market and online stores. They are about 40%-60% less expensive than the original ones.

Multiple brands manufacture compatible chargers for devices.

  • Smartphones.
  • Tablets.
  • Laptops and devices that can be charged.

But make sure while buying them, you have to do minor research; otherwise, you will buy the wrong charger.

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When can you use compatible chargers?

Compatible chargers can be used when you don’t have an original charger to charge your device. Many companies manufacture compatible chargers, and finding them is also very easy compared to original chargers, which you will only get from service centers.

Compatible chargers are safe to use if they are from legit companies. Check the chargers before you buy them to look for a tested mark.

Also, if you are out of budget, you can buy a compatible charger. I bought a compatible charger for my phone a few years back, and it worked fine until I bought a new one.

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Is a compatible battery good for a laptop?

Compatible laptop batteries are cheaper than the original ones and are entirely safe to use. However, the overall life of compatible chargers is almost half.

In the past four years, I had to purchase two new batteries for my laptop. It was under 30 dollars, and I was not getting the original one which was about $55. However, each battery lasted more than a year, and I also got a warranty for a year which I could claim.

My overall experience was moderate as compatible batteries do not last for long, and the battery life I was getting for about 3-4 hours a day, so I had to charge it frequently. Wears in the original battery, you will get bettery life of 5-7 hours.

Compatible batteries have both pros and cons

Pro of compatible batteriesCons of compatible batteries
Less expensiveBattery drains quickly
Easy to findNeeds to charge frequently
Comes with one year of warrantyOverall, life is less
pro and cons of compatible batteries

Does a compatible charger damage your devices?

Compatible chargers do not damage or harm your devices, but before buying, see all the markings, including (CE and UL). Also, in some boxes, it is mentioned whether products are tested or not. Do not buy a product with no tested marking in the box or the charger.

Other things about compatible chargers are that 80%-90% do not last long. The main reason is that the manufacturer uses low-quality material to make them.

For example, several chargers’ charging ports get rusted easily due to oxidation if you keep them in the air for some weeks. But in branded chargers, you will not find the same.

Things to know while buying a compatible charger.

  • Output/ Input current – The first thing you need to see is that the charger’s output current should match the input current that your smartphone requires to get charged. Buying a charger that has lower current output will charge your phone slowly.
  • Charger quality – If you have used original chargers, the plastic and pins quality is suitable. But in some compatible chargers, many manufacturers use low-quality plastic, wire, and pins to cut costs. They get damaged very quickly.
  • Brands – Buying a charger from unknown brands can be worthless. These compatible chargers do not last long. And with 2-3 months of wear and tear, they stop working.

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How much does a compatible charger cost?

Compatible chargers cost around $10 – $30. The price may vary depending on the smartphone brand and its model type.

Compatible chargers are 40%-60% less expensive than the original chargers—however, some brands in the market manufacture much better chargers than the smartphone companies.

Brands like Anker, Yootech, and Aohi are among the best ake compatible chargers. You can take a look at their price from amazon by clicking here.

Is universal and compatible charger the same?

Universal chargers can be used on multiple devices and have a standard or low output voltage for devices.

On the other hand, compatible chargers are specially designed for a particular device, such as smartphones(POCO M2 PRO or iPhone).

Universal chargers were used by people 5-10 years back as all phones were used to charge at the same input current. But as technology evolved and fast charging tech came up, specific chargers were required to charge a particular smartphone.

FAQ about compatible chargers

Why are compatible chargers less expensive?

Manufacturers cut costs using low-quality products such as plastic materials, semiconductors, and wires.

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