How To Spot A Fake Charger? The Easy Way!

apple fake and real charger.

Fake chargers are one of the main reasons behind battery damage. Overheating of the phone while charging. Prolonged usage of fake chargers incompatible with your phone or any other device can cause permanent damage to the device.

It is essential to spot fake chargers to avoid damage to the phone or any other device. Fake chargers are much cheaper than the original charger, so people fall for them quickly. Legitimate chargers cost $20 to $25, while fake ones cost less than $5- $10.

If you use a counterfeit or uncertified charging accessory, you could observe these issues:

  • Your iOS device could become damaged.
  • The cable might be easily damaged.
  • The connector end might fall off, get very hot, or not fit properly into your device.

How to identify fake chargers?

You can use many ways as a customer when buying any charger from a shop or online store. Let’s look at each one of them one by one.

We all like to buy branded products not because they have a name on them but because of trust. We trust branded products because they use high-quality raw materials with state-of-the-art machines and technology.

Most local charger manufacturers sell their products in the name of different brands to make money. You can quickly check out some of these points and determine whether the product is genuine.

Some of the essential and minor things you can notice on a charger and check its originality.

  • Quality of images – The images in the fake charger are pixelated or blurred. This generally happens when anyone uses low-quality images.
  • Placement quality of stickers – The place of stickers and other information on the box is not aligned correctly.
  • Quality of fonts – The fonts used in the box are printed with a low-quality printer.
  • Certifications of various governments and tests – Certifications such as (C.E and ISO) are not printed correctly.
  • Plastic quality – The quality plastic used in the charger is not made of quality material.
  • Lack of documents and information inside them – The original charger has many documents inside, while the fake one doesn’t come with any official documents.
  • Check the manufacturer – The manufacturer’s name is not written on most fake chargers. The original ones have the name of the manufacturer written along with the address and contact number.
  • Output voltage – The output voltage in most fake chargers is not the same as the original chargers. You can check it quickly with an app name Ampere(available on ios and android).

Who sells fake chargers?

Local electronic shops sell most fake chargers. Their main target is generally tourists from western and European countries. But they can take the chance to make a fool out of any customer.

Before buying any charger or any electronic product, carefully consider all the points I have mentioned above.

Other than offline stores, you can get scammed in online stores too. To avoid it, check the seller’s name, product reviews, return and refund policy.

Why is it not recommended to use fake chargers?

Fake or duplicate chargers should not be connected to your devices for many reasons.

  • The charging speed reduces.
  • The battery can heat due to improper current.
  • The wire quality is not good and can catch fire if used for a long time.
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