How To Get Your Smartphone Charging Port Fixed?

Do you have a phone or a smartphone with a malfunctioned charging port, or does your phone’s charging port suddenly stop working?

 Charging Port Fixed

Well, you are not alone in this. Trust me, millions of cell phone users go thru this problem each day. Don’t worry. Here in this post, I will share tips to quickly get your charging port fixed in just a few bucks.

Fixing a charging port can cost you from $10-$100. Charger ports prices are based on smartphones models. The budget phone charging port can be repaired at $5-$20. Midlevel phones can be repaired at $20-$50, and flagship phones can be repaired at $50-$100.

Let’s see the price list of some smartphone models, so you don’t have to search on this on the internet.

For this data, I have asked many people thru personal mail, quora, and various Facebook groups. Based on that, I have concluded this list.

Repair and replacement cost of charging port.

First of all, you must know that charging ports cannot be repaired once they have been damaged physically. The only way left is to fix it by replacing the port.

Here I have made a table to figure out how much you have to spend based on your smartphone type.

Types Of PhonesPhone Price RangeCharger Port Replacement Cost
Budget Smartphones$100-$250$5-$20
Mid-Range Smartphones$300-$500$20-$50
Flagship Smartphones$500-$100$50-$100
Charger replacement cost as per types of smartphones

Please remember that charging ports cannot be fixed; however, they can be set easily if there’s a minor problem. That you will later in this post.

From where you can get charging port fixed?

The charging ports can easily replace at the service centers of your smartphone company. If you have a malfunctioned charging port, you can only get it repaired from a service center.

But there’s one problem if your smartphone is more than three years or older than that, there are rare chances that it will get replaced with the original one.

So service centers will not fix your problem. Then you have to take the smartphone to any local store near your area, where they will replace it with an old charging port of a different smartphone port.

Don’t worry nowadays as every smartphone has a c-type port to work on any phone.

As old charging ports will cost you less than new ones, make sure while you paycheck the smartphone by charging at the shop itself.

How much time it takes to fix a charging port?

I had a smartphone(Redmi note 4) a few years back. Due to wear and tear, I had to replace its charging port. It was not working so I went to a mobile repair shop.

The person who changed the charging port took 10-15 minutes to change the charging port.

Why your charging port is not working?

There are some basic and common reasons why your charging port stops working. A charging port withstands about an 1800-2000 insert and removal cycle. Which, if you calculate, is roughly 3-4 years.

After three years, the pin inside the charging ports gets loosened, and due to that charging pin and port connection don’t fit well. Which causes slow charging of the battery. Know more about charging your smartphone

However, people change their phone after 1-2 years, so 80%-90% of the majority of people don’t even have problems with the charging port.

Those who habit of charging their phone 2-3 times a day go through the problem of charging port issue.

Issues that you can fix in charging port it’s not working.

The main reason why the charging port of smartphones may not be working is due to a few reasons.

  • If the phone has been came in contact with water for long time.
  • If the charging port is dirty.
  • If your charger pin has some issues.

By changing the charger, you can fix your third issue. And for a detailed guide on cleaning the charging port, you visit this post – Clean your charging port.

Don’t use these things on your charging port.

  • Don’t use water or any other liquid other than small drop of isopropyl alchol to clean charging port.
  • Don’t use point object with too much effort to clean charging port.
  • Using hot gun while replacein the charging port can damage other parts as well.


Does changing the charging port increase charging speed?

In old charging ports due to wear and tear the pins become loose due to that, the charging speed reduces. Replacing the charging port can surely increase the charging speed but to a minor extent.