Are Universal Laptop Chargers Safe To Use?

If you have questions about laptop chargers, you have come to the right place. Before buying a laptop charger, many of you have questions on your mind. But don’t worry; you will get every answer here. Let’s take a look first at whether universal and compatible chargers are safe to use or not.

You should avoid using universal chargers because they come with multiple charging pins, they easily get malfunctioned when used with various laptop brands due to rough handling techniques and wear and tear. However, it’s always a good idea to check your laptop manufacturer’s charger compatibility or read the laptop’s documentation to confirm compatibility and ensure safe usage.

Using a charger in good condition and not damaged is also essential, as a damaged charger can affect your laptop too.

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What are universal chargers?

Universal chargers are power adapters that contain one adapter and multiple charging ports. You can use universal chargers if you have multiple charging devices or laptops. The best place to use these chargers is during traveling, classroom, office, or shared workspace.

The idea behind using these chargers is that they are cost-effective and portable.

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What are compatible chargers?

Compatible chargers are just like regular laptop chargers. They are readily available in the market with reduced prices of up to 20%-30% less than the original charger. Most of these charger brands are from china or the local market nearby your area.

Some compatible charger brands are good and perform better than the original ones. You can buy charger brands such as Yootech, Anker, Spigen, and Belker if you use them as your substitute charger.

Universal vs. Compatible vs. Orginal Chargers

Universal vs. Compatible vs. Orginal Chargers
Universal chargersCompatible chargersOriginal chargers
Universal chargers are made by third-party manufacturers to be used in various devices.Compatible chargers are made by third-party manufacturers to be used in a specific device.Original chargers are made by the device manufacturer and are specifically designed for that device.
These come with interchangeable tips/pins to fit various devices.Specifically designed pins for devicesSpecifically designed pins for devices
Chargers are primarily used in during travel or at the workspace. However, it may not provide the correct power for each device when used on multiple devices.These chargers can be used in conditions such as non availibity of chargers or due to finance issues.Original chargers are tested with the devices and are highly recommended to use.
The price of these chargers starts from $12.The price of these chargers starts from $10.The price of these chargers starts from $20.

Should you buy universal laptop chargers?

Whether or not to buy a universal laptop charger depends on your specific needs and preferences. Know some advantages and disadvantages about universal chargers and then make your decision.


  • Low cost: Universal laptop chargers are less expensive than original laptop chargers. Also, they are readily available in the market.
  • Convenience: One universal laptop charger can be used with multiple laptops, saving you from carrying multiple chargers when traveling.
  • Variety: Most universal laptop chargers come with multiple tips to fit different laptop charging ports, making them more versatile.


  • Compatibility: Some laptops may not work with universal chargers, and you should check the compatibility before buying. Such as the size of the ports, output power, wire length, etc.
  • Power output: Not all universal laptop chargers provide the correct amount of power for your laptop, which can damage the laptop or its battery over time.
  • Quality: Some universal chargers may not be as well-made as original chargers and may have a shorter lifespan.

My opinion

If you are a single laptop user, you must avoid buying a universal charger for your laptop. Instead, it would be best if you looked for an original laptop charger to get a good experience and bettery life on your laptop. And if you cannot get the original one, go for compatible chargers from a reputable brand.

How to detect a fake or cheap laptop charger?

There are too much fake products in the market you have to avoid using cheap products as they can harm you other expensive things with time. I have written a post about identifying the charger and this could easily help you out identifying laptop chargesr as well. Checkout this article about fake chargers.

How to find a good laptop charger?

Before buying any laptop charger from the market or online stores, check these things on the internet.

  • Age of the brand and reputation.
  • Review the product. Buy a product only if there are more than 4+ ratings on the e-commerce platform.
  • Check the return and replacement policy.
  • Compatibility with devices and other things such as output voltage and ampere.
  • Quality of product and length of wires.

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