Is It Fine To Run A Laptop Without A Battery?

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Running a laptop without a battery is common among people. I also did this thing a few years back but differently, which I will tell you later.

But most people do it without knowing its consequences. Those who don’t know what happens when they use their laptop without a battery here will know everything about this topic.

So is it OK to use a laptop without a battery?

Using a power adapter or charger to use your laptop without any battery will work just fine. But if there’s any power cut, or anyone takeout the power cable. The laptop will suddenly shut down, which can damage your hard drive, corrupt your unsaved files, and even delete important files from the operating system.

To know more, you can continue to know about this topic in detail, and if you are using your laptop without a battery for a while, you must consider this reading.

Is it reasonable to run a laptop without a battery?

As I told you earlier, if you connect your laptop directly with the help of a charging cable, no, it will not affect or do anything to the device.

Unless there’s any power cut or disconnection in the supply, the laptop will shut down quickly if your power connection is lost.

If this happens, it can damage your motherboard by short-circuiting it. Using your laptop without a battery is not recommended if your electricity connection fluctuates significantly.

However, you can use an electricity stabilizer to stabilize your laptop and socket connection. Check out the best on amazon here.

But don’t use your laptop for an extended period without installing a battery on it is not. After all, it will only damage your internal parts. So that’s why it is not recommended, and it’s not good.

How does it affect the performance of the laptop?

This is maybe shocking to you, but you will be amazed that if you use your laptop without a battery inside it, the performance of your laptop will increase.

The logic behind this is that in the default settings of the battery option in the pc. When the laptop uses battery power, processor and GPU performances are set at balanced mode.

But if you connect the laptop with a charging cable, it uses the power from the socket by letting the battery charge. So during this, the laptop’s and GPU’s processor perform at maximum level, and you get the best performance from your laptop.

However, if the laptop’s performance increases, the device’s heating. You must manually set the power settings using the laptop with a power cord.

How long can you use your laptop without a battery?

You can use your laptop as long as you want without a battery, but ensure the chances of damaging the motherboard increase if the power is out. So, in that case, if your battery dies, replace it will a new one as soon as possible.

Here is my moment with my laptop.

A few years back, I had an HP laptop. The battery lasted about three years, then its efficiency started degrading slowly and stopped working.

Later, I could not get an original battery, so I purchased a compatible battery from another brand. It was 50% less than the original one and hardly lasted one year.

So again, I need to use my laptop without a battery. And for 3-4 months, I had used n that condition. Later I brought the same compatible battery, which lasted around one year.

During that time, there was not any problem I was facing. But I was terrified that it would ruin my laptop if the power cut happened.

In the end, I stopped purchasing and used old batteries in my laptop to read how I did that.

Can you use an old battery on your laptop?

If you have old laptop batteries or have those batteries with some charging capacity left on them, they can be used as UPS in the laptop.

The idea is that you will use the laptop fully on electric power, and when the power goes off, it will run back on the batteries. You get 15-30 minutes of usage time. During this time, don’t use heavy programs on your laptop.

Rather than that, you better save your unsaved files and shut down the laptop.

I used my laptop using this trick last year(2020), then bought a new one this year.

Which laptops can brands be used without a battery?

There are 4-5 laptop brands that most people use. They are.

  • Apple.
  • Lenovo.
  • Hp(Hewlett Packard)
  • Dell.
  • Asus.

There are other brands, but the list will go long if I mention them. But the above brands are most used by people all over the world.

Almost every laptop can be used without a battery using its charger. But it would help if you did not make a habit of it.

Rather than buy replacement batteries as soon as possible.

How to buy original laptop batteries?

This is the most common question among laptop users about how they can buy original laptop batteries. Here are the best places two get them.

So you can buy original laptop batteries from the following places.

  • Authorized services centers of your laptop brands.
  • Official websites.
  • Consumer electronics shop.

Below is the table. You can quickly get the link to each brand’s website to buy batteries for your laptop.

AppleClick Here.
LenovoClick Here.
HpClick Here.
DellClick Here.
AsusClick Here.
SamsungClick Here.
SonyClick Here.

Laptop batteries list on the official website.

But why should you buy original laptop batteries?

Original batteries are better because authorized companies manufacture them, and they have the highest design capacity, about 80-90%, and have the highest discourage 400-500 cycles. Unlike compatible batteries, they are made from recycled cells. They have 40-50% of the design capacity. Due to that, they have a low discharge cycle.

How much does a new laptop battery cost?

A new laptop battery can range from $50(3500 Rs) to $200(12000 Rs). The laptop battery price varies depending on the battery type, capacity, laptop brand, and release year.

Remember, it will be tough to find a new battery if your laptop is old. So for that, you need to pay a couple of bucks more. Also, while purchasing it, make sure you don’t buy it from eBay or a place that doesn’t have a replacement policy.

What to do if you don’t get your laptop batteries?

The only case you won’t get the original laptop batteries is when your laptop gets old. Companies stop manufacturing old laptop batteries. If your laptop is 5-6 years old, don’t expect to get an original battery.

As a backup, you need to buy a compatible battery that you can quickly get from amazon.

But before buying a compatible battery, you should know about these things.

  • Compatible batteries have a low discharge cycle.
  • They last a maximum of 1-2 years only compared to an original battery; it is 40-50% less.
  • The price of compatible batteries is half compared to the original ones.

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