How Much Does A Car EV Charger Cost?

ev charger cost

Electric vehicles have become the next big thing in the automobile industry. These vehicles are not only eco-friendly but also have a lot of safety features. These vehicles require a lot of electricity to use the features and run efficiently on the road.

Here you will learn about the Ev charging station and how much it would cost to install it in your home or if you need a new charger for your EV car.

Ev charger’s price for a car starts from $700 to $2000 for home or individual use for individual users. The price depends on the brand of the vehicle. And for commercial charging stations, the price would go up by $10,000 to $20,000. It depends on the location, number of vehicles, etc.

Starting cost of EV chargers of various brands(For individual use).

Almost all automobile companies have launched Ev vehicles, from Tesla to ford, if you want to know their charger cost. You can see that below in the table.

These are some popular car brands, along with the prices of their chargers.

Charger BrandCost
Ford$799 -$1310
ChevroletStarts from $500
Nissan $649
Audi $669
Cost of EV car chargers

These are starting costs of chargers. The installation cost may increase while installing it in your home. You may need to buy some external accessories.

Ev charging based on their levels.

Ev vehicles can be charged in three levels. To make it easy to understand, you can see a table below with all the information about ev chargers.

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What things come with installation?

No doubt electric cars are cheaper than cars that run on gas. The transportation cost in an electric vehicle is 4 times cheaper than cars that run on fuel. To make you understand easily, I researched the internet to explain why ev vehicles are cheaper and compare the cars that run on gas.

Here is the travel comparison of ev vs. cars from Idaho to Nevada with a total distance of 482.2 miles. Let’s see how much it costs to travel.

  • Wall Connector – Wall Connector is the most convenient charging solution for houses, apartments, hospitality properties, and workplaces. Wall Connectors can power-share to maximize existing electrical capacity, automatically distributing power to charge multiple cars simultaneously.
  • Charging cord – The company provides level 1 charging cords compatible with the home’s electrical socket of 4-10 meters long.
  • Mobile Connector – A Mobile Connector allows you to plug into the most commonly used power outlets.
  • Adapter – Tesla also offers adapters that allow you to plug into your region’s most commonly used public charging stations. At a public charge station, attach the adapter to the station’s charging connector and then plug in your vehicle.

What are things included with EV chargers?

Power Conversion System: The power conversion system for the EV charging station comprises an inverter, its enclosure, and thermal management (HVAC) for batteries to maintain the battery at a specific temperature.

Software – The company provides you the dedicated software that gives you accessibility to the hardware; EVs software is designed to manage and administer the charging station and network.

Some of the key features of the EV charging software are: connecting and monitoring the charger, automatic fault detection, live meter display, billing and payments, tracking costs, managing users, interactive dashboard, and more.

Can we install Ev chargers at home by ourselves?

Yeah, We can install the Electric Vehicle charger at home by carefully reading and following the procedures of the installation guide given by the particular manufacturer/company.

But most companies recommend that an electrician do the installation because every household is different and we can make mistakes, so it’s better to call an electrician. Companies like Ford, and Tesla, provide local independent electricians who can install your home charging equipment.

Ev charger installation cost at home

You must find an experienced electrician to estimate the installation cost because he can only tell you the exact cost, from extra parts to wiring. On average, installing an EV charger can come with all the parts, such as a panel, materials, and permission from the local electricity department can cost you $6000 – $8000.

Other than that, the additional labor and parts can cost between $1200-$1600. Apart from that, electricians take $10 for a liner foot. If everything goes well and there is less obstruction in the house, you may save a lot of money while installing the charger.

As an individual, you can estimate the ev charger installation by doing the following things.

  • Check whether other space left in your panel or the breaker room is left. If the panel is too old, you might need to change it too.
  • Distance from the panel to the ev charger. The more the distance, the higher your cost to install it.
  • labour , paperwork(permissions).

How much does EV charging cost compared to gas?

So I went to this first website name EV trip planner. Here, you can check your trip distance by choosing a vehicle and checking how much battery charge you need to cover the distance and travel time.

ev trip planner

Now, as I was comparing the cost of travel, I went to another site that calculates total trip expenses for fuel cars. Using this site, you can easily calculate your trips.

As in ev trip planner, I didn’t get the cost of travel, so I had to calculate the cost of charging the ev with the current price of electricity using inchcalculator.

Based on this small research, the comparison in the travel price of gas vs. ev.

Car nameEV Car(Tesla Model S 60 )Hyundai Tucson AWD
Range 210 Miles per charge25 miles per gallon
Battery/Range60 kWh14.3 Gallons
Energy/Fuel Req.111.3 kWh19.3
Total Expenses Tavel$15.58$62.88
Car vs ev expenses
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