TVS iQube Battery Replacement Cost!

TVS iQube battery replacement

TVS iQube is India’s second best-selling electric scooter after Ola S1. I have recently covered the battery replacement cost of Ola S1 in the previous article, and in this one, I have covered TVS iqube battery replacement cost.

After some research, I learned from the nearby TVS showroom that the battery replacement cost around Rs 50,000. But on the internet, many people have mentioned the incorrect battery price, which is Rs 21,000.

As electric vehicles have recently entered the market, not all people are looking for battery replacements because, according to companies, most electric vehicles will change their batteries after 5-6 years. It has only been three years since people in India started using electric vehicles commercially.

As the price is relatively high if you calculate and compare it will ICE(fuel) vehicles, it is pretty affordable.

But companies will decrease the price of lithium-ion batteries if they focus on their manufacturing process and technology. Apart from this, a huge number of batteries will be recycled, which can be a valid factor for the decrease in battery prices.

How long the TVS scooter battery will last?

The TVS iQube battery can last about 3-4 years or 1000 charge cycles or can make run the scooter for about 60,000 – 70,000 km lifetime then you will need to replace it.

What is the process of battery replacement in the TVS iQube scooter?

To replace the battery of the TVS iQube scooter, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Call the nearby TVS service center and inquire about the battery replacement.
  • The service center might call after some time to fix your problem.
  • If the battery is available, it can be easily replaced in 2-3 hours by the service center technicians.

Can we remove the TVS iQube battery?

The batteries are non-removable.

Do you have to pay a service charge for battery replacement?

Yes, you must pay around Rs 500 – Rs 1500 for battery replacement as a service charge.