How Long Can Neckbands Last? 5 Tips To Increase Their Shelf Life.

How Long Can Neckbands Last

I was looking for a neckband as I was using a wired one, so I thought it would be good if I switched to a wireless neckband. Like most people, I had many thoughts about this; the top one was how long it would last.

Due to this, I started thinking about the things that would help to increase the shelf life of neckbands.

Neckbands have become one of the top wearable products in consumer electronics. That’s why more than 200-250 million wireless headsets are sold yearly. With so much of an increase in these products, many people buy them repetitively.

Here some of the reasons can vary from person to person as this could be due to several reasons:

  • Launch of new products with technical advancements.
  • Low price of products in a sale or due to any occasion.
  • Wear and tear of product due to which it becomes malfunction.

Types of Bluetooth neckbands and their lifespan.

Neckbands can last about 2-3 years maximum with good sound output. After this duration, most neckbands lose their battery capacity and hardly hold the required charge to work properly. As an expert can only remove their battery, the only option left is to buy a new one.

Based on my research, I have categorized the neckbands into three main types.

  • The strong ones – These neckbands have good-quality wires, music, and a dedicated chipset. The latest Bluetooth version and a good IP rating. The Price range for these neckbands ranges from $40-$50.
  • The middle ranged ones – These neckbands offer quality music, however, the wires have no support and quality, or any of the things would be missing, which we get in the string ones. The price starts from $20.
  • The delicate ones – These are the cheaper ones, and you should avoid buying them. The product has no quality, and the speaker mostly crackles when the volume is raised to full. The price of these neckbands starts from $10.

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Tips to increase the lifespan of Bluetooth devices.

You must care for three main things about the neckbands – wires, batteries, and speakers. Most of the time among these three, if one of the things gets malfunctions, you may need to repair or even replace the device.

Here are some tips you should take care of when you buy a new neckband or if you already have to increase its life.

Never twist the band.

Never twist the neckband

In most videos, you may have seen people who review the product. They twist the neckband and say that you can keep the product like this in your pocket or bag, but if you do so for long enough, there is a 100% chance that the wires will get torn or the fluid inside the neckband may come out.

Calibrate its battery.

Never twist the neckband 3

To increase the battery life of any product, you should perform battery calibration and have healthy charging habits. Healthy charging is a procedure for charging your device between 30% – 80%, and calibration is done monthly for accurate charge levels.

Clear the speaker regularly.

Never twist the neckband 2

Using in-ear headsets makes earwax settle in the speakers. That’s why clearing them once a week or monthly is necessary if you don’t clean your headsets daily, you may hear less sound or get a distorted sound experience due to clogged speakers. And in some cases, rust can also form in the minute speaker mess when the device is used under too much water pressure.

Avoid using the device at high temperatures.

Never twist the neckband 1

Using battery-operated devices in high temperatures, such as sunlight or near warm places, can cause faster battery degradation. Avoid using your neckband in sunlight for long hours also. If you do so, then go for a light color neckband, sun as white or sky-blue, so that it can absorb less heat.

Do not try to repair it.

Neckbands have very small and minute parts, and in most cases, they cannot be repaired if you try to fix them on your own; this can make things worse, and ultimately, you may damage your neckband more. If your neckband is damaged physically, fixing it may be near to impossible. However, you can claim the warranty if there’s any internal issue.

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