Can Charging Cable Be fixed?

Can Charging Cable Be Fixed

Have you ever struggled with your damaged charging cable?

If you have a broken charging cable, a question must come to your mind whether it can be fixed or not. Most people throw away their cable when it gets damaged or broken, but when you closely analyze it, you may also have some other issues.

This may be a minor issue for you, but when you get your charging cable broken, this can make your day terrible, and this can also ruin your work as most of the things are now done using a phone or a laptop.

Let’s see some of the major causes of why your charging cable is not working.

Major causes why your charging cable is not working.

There are multiple reasons for charging cable malfunction; Following are the major causes why your charging cable is not working:

The problem in charging Port

Sometimes the charging cable does not function properly due to a problem with the charging Port. With time we plug in/out the charging cable on the device, and the Port scratches out; that’s why the connector does not fit well and the cable does not work.

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The way you handle or keep your cable has a direct effect on its longevity. We must be careful while plugging in/out the cable on the phone because the tension near the Port can damage the cable in the long run.

Wear and tear.

Wear and tear are one of the primary reasons responsible for cable damage. The way we use the cable throughout time affects its life.


Sometimes due to moisture, the metallic part of the cable gets rusted and cause problem while charging, so it is essential to protect the cable and its pins from moisture.

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If the room temperature is higher than usual. In that case, it may damage the cable because the material used to manufacture the cables is not resistant to heat and gets damaged by the temperature.

How can the charging cable be fixed?

charging cable

First, look for exposed wire or cuts in the cable; if you find any, apply electric tape to the cable. That may help it function properly again until you get a new cable.

What to do if you can’t fix the charging cable?

Clean charging port

With a certain period, tiny particles of soil, sand, and dust enter the device charging Port and settle there, causing disruption; your phone’s charging Port may become corroded if water or other liquid enters it.

So it is essential to clean the device charging port from time to time; you can use a pin to clean the Port, but be very careful while doing it; you may end up damaging the hardware components of the Port.

Check adaptor

Sometimes the device does not charge due to a fault in the charging adaptor. So before buying a new cable, always checks your adaptor.

Try charging a different device with the same adaptor and different cable, and if your device is still not charging, then there is a fault in your adaptor.

Check power source

The power source from which the charging adaptor is connected should be checked. Sometimes the device doesn’t charge due to the fluctuation in the current.

So connect your adaptor to the different charging sockets. And after doing so, your device starts charging. The adaptor and cable are just fine no need to change them.

Update your device

The latest versions of updates are always suitable for devices. Old versions are good but can cause many problems with the phone/laptop.

Your device may work slowly. Some applications may not work in the older version or lag; your device discharges fast or charges slowly. So it’s better to be updated.

Reboot device

Sometimes all you need to do is reboot. Rebooting your device can restore the device setting if you made any changes and may help the charging.

How do we prevent the charging cable from wear and tear?

  • After using the cable, fold it loosely and put it in a clean place.
  • Do not stretch the cable. Keep the device closer to the adaptor to prevent the stretching of the cable.
  • The bending of the cable at the end near the port can permanently damage the cable, so avoid bending.
  • Protect cable from Moisture, dust, and temperature.
  • Always buy a cable from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Because the original product lasts longer than the third-party cable.
  • Be gentle while plugging in/out the cable from the device port.

How much does a new charging cable cost?

The cost of the Charging cable varies from brand to brand. Usually, the price range of the cable is between $10-$79.

  • Smartphones cables – The price starts from $7- $20
  • Laptops cables – $15-$24

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Where can we get charging cables at an affordable price?

Go to your nearby shop or best buy store near you.

Are third-party charging cables good?

Yes, if you buy a branded cable sometimes, it works much better than your original cable.

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