Wireless Charging In Case: Will your smartphone charge?

Wireless Charging In Case

Are you thinking of charging your smartphone with a case or cover with a wireless charger, but you are confused about whether it will work?

This is a genuine question, as most smartphone users have mobile cases attached to them to make them safe. But to charge your smartphone, everyone can’t remove their cases and charge the phone.

Is this question getting common these days? Most people are buying wireless chargers. So here’s the answer can wireless chargers charge smartphones with cases?

If smartphone cases are thicker than 3mm, the wireless chargers hardly charge your smartphone. It is recommended to use thin or specially designed mobile cases for your smartphone to use wireless chargers.

Let’s dive deep into more details about using wireless chargers with cases.

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Do smartphone cases slow down wireless charging?

phone case thickness

It is not recommended to use more than 3mm of thickness. Phones cases act as an obstruction against the charging coil(receiver) and the charging pad. Due to this, the transfer of electromagnetic waves slows down, and smartphone charging speed decreases.

Usually, the charging speed slows down due to increased heat in wired charging. But when we charge our smartphone using a wireless charger and a smartphone case, the transfer of ions also gets reduced. This reduction can slow down charging up to 20%-30%.

Wireless charging technology is still developing, and it will take time for air charge technology to reach users commercially. However, we are using coil technology for wireless charging.

Using thicker smartphone covers will reduce your wireless charging speed, and these cases are used mainly by women.

Do smartphones heat more with cases while charging them?

Charging smartphone with wireless tech produce much more heat than traditional wired charging.

While charging, a device wirelessly gets the ion transferred from the charging pad to the coil attached. This energy transfer also generates heat, which the device gets heated up.

So if you are not using smartphone cases and covers, your smartphone may heat up much quicker as heat will get trapped.

What are the best smartphone cases for wireless charging?

Almost every phone can be charged wirelessly if it has charging technology. But if you want to use cases, then here are some recommendations that you can look at on Amazon to buy a particular case for your smartphone.

best phone cases checkout

Best smartphone case for wireless charging.

There are many brands available that manufacture built-in charging cases that can help you charge the device and keep it safe simultaneously.

1. Spigen

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Spigen is the leading brand for manufacturing consumer tech that primarily focuses on producing battery-related products.

Amazon and other e-commerce sites have thousands of positive reviews about their products.

If you are looking for a google smartphone case, consider buying Spigen from amazon.

Could you buy it from the official website?

2. Kitoo

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Kitoo smartphone case is best for those who are black lovers. This is the best alternative if you don’t want to use a transparent case.

It is shockproof, gives drop protection to your phone, and helps protect it against dust and dirt.

Checkout the price on Amazon.


Using a cover or case in the smartphone has become a trend, but you have to take care of a few things when buying a wireless charger. And give attention to using a separate case.

There’s no issue with using a typical case for your phone and a wireless charger for the short term. But if you see that in the long term, using a thicker case can cause heat damage to your phone.

And you can easily avoid that by buying a $10-15 case for your phone.

FAQ about wireless charging in smartphone case

How much is a thin case required to charge your phone wirelessly?

If a case is less than 3mm thick, it would be better to charge your phone.

How much does a smartphone case cost for wireless charging?

You can easily buy a smartphone case for about USD 10.

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