8 Best Laptop Battery Brands In India 2023 List.

Best Laptop Battery Brands In India

Recently when I made the list of best third-party laptop batteries, some of the Indian readers mailed me and asked if I could list some of the best laptop battery brands from India. Now, as a blogger, it was my duty to bring out the best information for my readers.

To make this list of the best laptop batteries, I had to do a lot of research to get the best and most correct information based on customer reviews and their opinion on various e-commerce sites and YouTube videos.

So far, I have found 8 laptop battery brands that people mostly buy in India, and among them, I have also used a brand in the past. So let’s get started.

1. Lapcare

Lapcare is among the most popular brands in India for manufacturing laptop peripherals and accessories for all premium brands of laptops. It has also received several awards for this, but you may be shocked that it is not an Indian brand. This brand was established in Singapore and entered the Indian market in 2007.

The laptop batteries of this brand are easily available in the offline and online markets. The price range of laptop batteries starts from Rs 1300 – Rs 2500, and the best thing is that it comes with a one-year warranty, so you can replace them easily if you get any issues.

Check out the price of this battery on amazon.

2. Tree. nb

Tree. Nb is an international electronics brand. It mainly manufactures laptop batteries and vacuum accessories. This brand is primarily famous in the united states and western countries and slowly getting reached in the Indian markets as well.

I mostly found laptop batteries from HP, this company on amazon, and if you are looking for replacement batteries for your hap laptop, this can be your product.

Check out the price of this battery on amazon.

3. Laplife

Laplife is a competitor of lapcare and makes compatible batteries for HP, DELL, and Acer laptops. The quality of the batteries is decent. However, I found the review and ratings are not match lapcare. It comes with 6 months of warranty and with good battery backup.

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4. Laprix

Laptrix is an Indian laptop battery manufacturer from Jharkhand, India. Although with many features like discharge protection, chip monitoring, and power protection like a feature many users do not buy this product at Amazon.

This may be because it is not marketed correctly, or it may be new in this industry. However, you can always check it out and make your decision.

Check out the price of this battery on amazon.

5. Techie

Techie is an Indian brand that manufactures compatible laptops and computer-related products. Among them, the top products are laptop adapters, batteries, SSD, and printer toners. With more than 800 product articles, the products have been used by 2 million people all over India.

The laptop has various features, such as thermal protection, short circuit protection, and deep discharger protection.

Check out the price of this battery on amazon.

6. Regatech

Regatech is a wholesaler and importer of computer parts of laptops. The company started in 2009 and has also known as Regait, so don’t confuse yourself. The company sells adapters, batteries, and power cords.

Regatech is a new and emerging brand in e-commerce platforms. You can look at this product if you cannot find compatible batteries from other brands.

Checkout products from regatech at amazon

7. Ac doctor inc

I did not find much about this brand on the internet. Ac doctor inc. Also, this brand does not even has a website. I thought that there was something wrong with this brand. But later, when I researched this product thru the review, there were good reviews from the United States.

With a 4.4 star rating, this brand is famous for selling laptop batteries. However, the price of this product is overpriced, and with this amount, you can even find the original ones. But if the companies have stopped the manufacture of batteries, then this brand can be your final destination.

8. Original batteries

The rest are batteries from third-party brands, but if you are willing to spend money on original ones, you will get many options. All original brand battries are available here in India on all major platforms, such as Amazon and Flipkart.

But most people do not want to spend money on buying expensive original products. Original laptop battries are 30% – 40% higher than the compatible ones.

You can look at the post I have written about the compatible battries before making your decision.

Battery brand nameAmazon link
HPClick here
DellClick here
LenovoClick here

How much does a laptop battries cost in India?

The price of laptop battries starts from Rs 1300 and goes up to Rs 3500 if the battries are compatible or belong to a third-party manufacturer. The price of the original laptop battries starts from Rs 1800 – Rs 8000. The price of the laptop battries depends on where you buy them and their availability. It is hard to find a battery for older laptop models of more than 5 years.

Where can you change your laptop battery?

Laptop batteries can easily be changed if they are outside the laptop or external to the laptop. But some laptop models like MacBooks, Dell, and Hp have internal batteries that can be changed using a screwdriver.

You can watch this video on how to change your laptop battery.

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